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Creating Expectations

Understanding genre and subgenre is important, because it gives you the knowledge you need to craft and defy readers’ expectations in ways that work.  You need to use this same understanding when you craft your marketing messages. 212 more words


Thematic Score

You know how movies can have a great musical score playing in the background (or not so much in the background) that expresses the theme of the movie perfectly.  385 more words


How to Choose What to Read Next

If you’re looking for the definitive method of choosing your next book, be warned. I don’t know. Still, never at a loss for words, I’ve come up with some ideas. 696 more words

Your Little Piece of the Reader Pie?

Are there only fixed numbers of readers per genre? Is the reader pie really something us writers have to slice up into tiny morsels to share or fight over? 546 more words


The Science of Fiction

Fiction in general is rampant throughout this world. It is a byproduct of our storied nature; we must tell stories. Everyone tells stories, whether relating a memory, or making something completely from scratch. 247 more words