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Best of 2014 Review Wrap-up: Jay

While I have not yet been part of Another Castle for even a year yet, it has already been a very memorable ride so far. Even half a year’s time has allowed me to see both my growth of the writer, but also of the Another Castle as well. 715 more words


The Smile

I look at your face, your smile. I look at how your mouth moves, how soft and full your lips are. The way they don’t stretch tight when you smile, but seem somehow to become fuller, more inviting. 305 more words


Catch 22

The catch.
Until a girl submits to a Dom, he should be a gentleman. He should talk with her, laugh with her, get to know her, and let her get to know him. 141 more words


Beautiful With You

In case you couldn’t read the lyrics, they are below. A few of my future posts are going to heavily incorporate music, so fair warning. I promise I will throw some smut in there as well. 621 more words



*JOSH: Come over. Now.

I hadn’t been to his place yet, and we’d only known each other a few weeks, but I had enough whiskey in me to make the irresponsible decision. 971 more words


A new adventure.

I arrived at 9:06. I was late, apparently (didn’t realize I was expected to be there at a set time). Snuck into the bedroom, like usual (don’t wake the kids). 494 more words

"Publix Schmublix"

by Robert King

From a Hobe Sound resident: “I was ordering a sub, one day, and the lady workin’ the deli put cheese on my sub before she asked me, ‘what kinda cheese do you want on your sub?’ Apparently, she put Publix provolone on my sub, on which I ordered Boar’s Head: the Turkey Sub.” 103 more words

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