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The Watcher and The Watched

We talked about sailing. But common interests took us elsewhere…


Last night...

Dear World

Last night was unexpected. Though it was not the type of intimacy I would have liked, it was pleasant (vanilla). Feelings that have not surfaced for a while have come back. 190 more words


YAMISHIBAI: JAPANESE GHOST STORIES Season 1 Review: Clean-cut Terror in 5 Minutes

Want something horror-related that’s not overloaded with shock value? Looking for something like that is a challenging feat in media today, particularly in anime. In this case, ILCA’s… 847 more words


Be Aware of the submissive!

Anyone who knows me in my daily life and was entrusted with the knowledge of my desires, would no doubt be surprised.

I’m the nice girl. 330 more words


China says new supersonic sub would reach San Francisco in 100 minutes

China is developing a’supersonic’ submarine that could travel from Shanghai to San Francisco in less than two hours.

Researchers say their new craft uses a radical new technique to create a ‘bubble’ to surround itself, cutting down drag dramatically. 291 more words


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There was a guy I was sleeping with for a while, but not really a boyfriend, who had an apartment in the middle of town. It was close to his work, and to mine, and pretty convenient, so we met there quite often for lunch. 255 more words