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Madwoman in the Attic (Part II)

The madwoman in the attic has been reivindicated by both postcolonialists and feminists as a symbol of patriarchal oppression and social injustice. According to Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, in her influential essay, … 1,097 more words

Ideological Instability and the Postcolonial World

Through the analytical application of Homi Bhabha’s species of postcolonial theory, the literary critic may formulate a valuable perspective regarding the nature of colonial resistance present in The Missionary. 533 more words


The other day, I was tweeting about this question of “can the (autistic) subaltern speak?” when one thing hit me that hadn’t occurred to me before: 264 more words


Can the (Autistic) Subaltern Speak?

Some months ago, I shelved this paper topic.  I did so for several reasons. I didn’t know quite what I was trying to say; I had a sneaking suspicion I ought to be focusing on something that more clearly related to my law background; and I had several classes for which I needed to do work that had nothing to do with autism narratives or SRTOL. 397 more words


Word Of The Day: Subaltern

Today’s word of the day is subaltern.
It is an adjective that means inferior in rank or status.
Synonyms of it are junior-grade, lower-ranking, petty, secondary, and lowly. 85 more words

Word Of The Day

How to lose your job in 140 characters: The Jutine Sacco story

How one ill-mannered tweet resounded throughout the globe and resulted not only in the PR Executive’s career and reputation, but how she insulted an entire continent. 20 more words

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