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Prince of Darkness: A Study of Science

Combining stories of supernatural horror with science is not uncommon. Authors like Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy and Dan Brown has come to define the term “techno thriller”, suspense stories with focus on the element of scientific discourse, in order to increase the suspension of disbelief. 399 more words


Subatomic Weirdness

As a science fiction writer, I feel ashamed to admit that my understanding of quantum physics is murky at best. I realize that even quantum physicists don’t pretend to know all the answers, but still…. 504 more words

Science And Technology


Here’s the thing, we can’t prove what sort of power your own consciousness has over the world itself. We assume there are a lot of random factors that come into play in relation to some ones life; whether that be car accidents, or meteor impacts, disease, you name it, but we can’t know for sure. 355 more words