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Writer's Dictionary: Sponging


A technique used by writers to improve their work especially stream of consciousness writing. When sponging a writer refrains from writing for a certain period of time focusing instead on accumulating experiences through activities such as reading, traveling, spending time with loved ones, observing society etc. 79 more words

Writer's Diary

“ Held Time ” ~ in puerile mind ~

I’d thought of time

Held in puerile mind,

Was fated to decide

Meant so be mine,

Though illogical to define

Fixed to hold together,

Exceeds the boundary… 22 more words

My Poetry

The Little Details

It’s weird how you get to live with certain sights, sounds and smells, without batting an eye-lid, and yet when you go to another environment there are new smells, new things to see, new things to touch and different things to hear. 333 more words

If you can only imagine!

We often know the right thing to do, and we want to do the right thing, but then we self sabotage because our subconscious mind is imagining all the things that could go wrong. 16 more words

Muck in my mind, dirt and death dine here, scratching at the thin membrane, 
between I and, just beyond there.
Veil tear,  flood limits set to make I. 30 more words


The Subtle Seducer

What would the world be without movies? I certainly cannot imagine. Stories told as moving pictures with vibrations of sound to match. It is beautiful. 708 more words