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It is not the first time I say that it only takes 21 days to build up a habit. Well, maybe I talked too much or too soon… for some people it might take longer, for others shorter. 378 more words


April Moon prompt - Focus: A Focus on my Mind's Eye

Early in my years of teenage blossoming, I was enraptured by the thought of the art of meditation of how occult and mystical it was. I devoured dozens as articles and books and empowering lectures trying to discover the easier or most rigorous   meditations that would train my mind to focus on my inner being and depict the most beautiful visualizations that would quiet and uplift my confused teen spirit. 386 more words

My Hero's Journey Week 3

Did You Feel That?

I can’t explain it but I know what I felt, even if it was just for a moment. It felt like a stirring, a slight movement of sorts. 216 more words

Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Enter dark room

Hello, how are you?

I’m good, pleased to meet you

now see my smile;

enter dark room.

You’re on the road,

remember, it isn’t home, 86 more words


Black Smoke Rising......

I went over to the MAC Today, which is Birmingham’s art centre. To see, good friend, mentor and fantastic sculptor – Tim Shaw RA first solo show in a major public gallery. 40 more words


On the importance of mindfulness (and a well-tweezed brow)

I went to reach for my eyebrow tweezers today because my eyebrows have recently joined the “I heart Frida Kahlo” club (low blow, I know) and I don’t have the time/money/patience for a waxing. 510 more words


So dark. So terrifying. Although there is moonlight, it doesn’t warm my heart as the sunshine, or calm my soul as the river water. I’m lost in the forest. 47 more words