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Sneaky Subconscious Sabotage

We’ve all heard it over and over again to accept what we cannot change.  But what about what we actually CAN change.  What can we do to feel better about ourselves?  228 more words

Hot Mess

Beliefs DETERMINE Our Results!

Beliefs reside in our conscious mind and in our subconscious. Holding beliefs that are incompatible is cognitive dissonance and everyone who looks has work to do on… 1,210 more words


Weight loss with psycho cybernetics.

I’m doing my own experiment. I will attend to lose 40 lbs before 1/1/2015. With Psycho cybernetics. I will harness the power of the subconscious mind.
Follow my progress.


Night 1: Exactly What I Expected

For the first night of my journey, I experienced exactly what I thought I would: A NIGHTMARE! I knew this would happen. I also knew that it could possibly prohibit a smooth journey out of fear of having another bad dream. 128 more words


Simbiote Part 3 Superconscious

Mankind’s vanity has resulted in numerous attempts to explain how humans differ from the rest of the animal kingdom and what makes us the superior species on Earth. 1,719 more words

Alternative Thinking

How to love what you are doing

This post is after yesterday’s article in which I recommended you to love what you’re doing. It’s not always easy, or at least it doesn’t seem to come out naturally. 716 more words


Edward Eager

Or, Don’t Hide Those Roots

Edward Eager, author of Half Magic and its sequels, was my absolute favorite author when I was a kid. Well, he wrestled constantly with Roald Dahl, because Matilda was my absolute favorite book. 718 more words