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Youth Subcultures: What are they now?

There is a really interesting piece on youth subcultures by Alexis Petridis in The Guardian. He attempts to think through the forms that subcultures take today, using examples and some reflections from sociologists. 252 more words

Cultural Theory

Subcultures among young people all over the world

A *subculture*is a group of people within a culture that differentiates themselves from the larger culture to which they belong. There a lot of subcultures: hipsters, skaters, surfers, goths and a lot more. 400 more words

Auction: Selling History

A dear friend of mine recently phased out the construction / welding side of her 57 year old, family owned business, and because of that, an auction was held to sell off equipment.   231 more words


Addressing My Haters

I have noticed lately on YouTube that my haters have been saying rude things that I was really allowing to get to me. But no more. 127 more words

How to Look Bad Ass in the 1980s

Vinyl Rewind presents how to look bad ass in the 1980s, a six step instructional film featuring The Vinyl Geek. Click here to go directly to the channel… 64 more words

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Top 8 Celebrity Albums of the 1980s

This week The Vinyl Geek & Auntie Vinyl count down the Top Eight Celebrity Albums of the 1980s. Who made the number one spot? 189 more words

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