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In 1991, the Bubble Economy in Japan burst leading to the growth of Japanese play industries. This resulted in social upheaval, as cultural ideas of adult behaviour had always been based on work ethic. 91 more words


Street Style: From Sidewalk to Catwalk

“Japan showed that street style isn’t a Western-only phenomenon and, in doing so, pointed the way to the Bubble up, Do It Yourself, Let’s Put the Show On Right Here possibilities of the entire Global Village.”

- Ted Polhemus.


Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dark, Mysterious, Exotic.


Joseph, aged 19.

“I always stood out at school, people stared at me. I like to think of myself as individualistic, I don’t like to follow the crowd, It’s no fun.” 177 more words


Top 5 Songs about Sex

I’ve been involved in the Brighton Hub of ‘Sexology and Songwriting’, a collaborative project that brings together academic researchers with songwriters and young people.  The workshops are attached to to… 2,118 more words



I’m writing to you early this week, I hope you don’t mind.  I won’t be able to write to you on Sunday so this Friday will have to suffice.   210 more words

Creative Review

My design spread and cover is to be made for Creative Review. I want my design to fit with the renowned style of Creative Review, without standing out as being designed by someone not of the magazine. 223 more words


J. Grant Brittain

J. Grant Brittain is probably one of the most renowned skateboard photographers in the world with some incredible imagery of skateboarding as a sport and as a subculture. 373 more words