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When asked, Stockton youth choose walkability over car dependency

Last week, my colleague from The Cort Group and I had the pleasure of visiting two groups of Stockton-area students at Venture Academy and The First Fifty to discuss cities and urbanism. 746 more words


Women's Heart Health: The Basics You Need to Know

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in women? If you didn’t, you aren’t alone. Surprisingly, a mere 1 in 5 women believe that heart disease is her greatest health threat., yet each day heart disease causes the deaths of 2,200 Americans—that’s one death every 39 seconds. 579 more words

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Media Monday 04/21/2014

It’s time for another installment of Media Monday on The Daily Quirk! Each Monday we bring you a round-up of all the hottest celebrity gossip and entertainment news from the past weekend. 179 more words


Summertime Purse Essentials: What you should be carrying!

With summertime headed our way it’s time to reevaluate the “essentials” we carry in our purse. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to start looking for some new lip balm, moisturizer, and maybe even a bold nail polish? 431 more words

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The #100HappyDays Challenge

Have you seen the #100HappyDays hashtag pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feed? This popular new challenge strives to help users live in the present. 425 more words

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Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From... Beyoncé

From as early as I can remember, Beyoncé has been gracing my speakers with her powerful ballads and empowering lyrics. Not only has she taught me the meaning of bootylicious, but I’ve also taken away some vital life lessons from her songs. 443 more words


What we're loving right now: Pentatonix

This article should actually be called, “What everyone is loving right now!” because, if we’re being extremely honest, most people have fallin in love with this group. 584 more words