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Stockton wins money for biking and pedestrian projects

Walkers and cyclists in Stockton received some great news last week as the state announced grants for several active transportation projects in the city. Last Wednesday, the California Transportation Commission announced the winning bids for the state’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) which provides funding to projects that promote walking, biking and other forms of active transportation. 474 more words


Easy On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

I’m a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, I’m starting to realize how easy it can be to skip breakfast when you have to be at work by 8 and you’re still walking around like a zombie at 7:45. 436 more words

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Emmy Awards 2014: Who should have been nominated and who should win!

Did Tatiana Maslany deserve an Emmy? In the voice of Sarah Manning my answer to that question would have to be, “You’re damn right!”  On Thursday, July 10 the Emmy nominations were announced.  1,084 more words


5 Reasons to see 'If I Stay'!

The end of summer can seem tragic. So, closing this season with a film whose plot will leave you knowing your life is way less sad than you actually thought it was, seems like a pretty smart way to spend a final weekend out with your hometown friends and find some personal end-of-summer personal resolution. 580 more words


Downtown Stockton parking in need of serious overhaul

Parking management in Downtown Stockton is overdue for much needed upgrades according to a recent review by city-hired parking consultant Kimley Horn and Associates (KHA). The report, “ 692 more words


5 Things Dogs Do Every Day That I Could Never Get Away With as a Human

It’s funny how strictly bound we humans are by social norms, while our pets are free to be as wild as they please. Just think about all the inappropriate-verging-on-disturbing things dogs get away with doing that we humans never could. 998 more words

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5 Reasons to check out 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Standing in the video store and not sure what to rent? Sitting at home and looking for a good new movie to watch? Having a date night and not sure what movie would appeal to both her and him? 609 more words