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Chosen People

There are a few spots on earth that seem to suck, all the time, every year. Places known primarily for depressing, vaguely anonymous news stories about so an so rebel group blowing up buses, such and such government dropping cluster bombs on schools, everyone throwing rocks at each other and frothing at the mouth. 861 more words



Did you know that there’s a type of tree – a pear tree – called Pear Conference? It’s glorious.

The pears grow all clustered together on the various branches, a bit like twins or quintuplets depending on the potency of the pear power. 303 more words


Mantis - Block Rocka

Holy sh*t! You’re about to get your freaking bell rung! Mantis has linked up with the filth-oriented label, Subhuman, and “Block Rocka” is the type of bass music massacre that will rip your body clean in half, right down the middle. 57 more words