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project plot twist

hidden city : a view from a window

I’ve been stuck thinking a lot about what direction to take my project in, with a clearer head, I’ve been looking at all the elements I’ve been interested within the city and my previous interests… 495 more words



Within the feedback I was given around Christmas time, I was directed to consider whether the work I have created during my investigation into food decay can be regarded as art. 477 more words


test strips

my favourite thing to come out of my failed photography was my test strips, I forgot how pretty they were, there’s something nice about the simplicity of something unfinished, it has no intentions of being perfect. 39 more words




So it’s that time where I do a review and today’s review is going to be about a podcast series. The podcast is called HelloInternet and consist of two youtubers talking about various subjects for example they talk about what it’s like to be wrong in front of thousands of people. 66 more words

About Me

Daily Doodle: Day 19

Very quick sketch of an imaginary city with a crazy cable-car transport system.


Term 2 Project - Ideas

After considering the brief consisting of three main themes, i decided to do my project on transport. My ideas for now will range to fit into either of those themes also they are from different approaches i.e designs for today, future etc. 568 more words


photography fail

here’s a few of the semi acceptable prints I got out of film I’d ruined most of by forgetting to put the light blocking spindle in the tub when developing it, these were a few of the prints I actually liked and came out, you’d think after 3 years previous doing black and white photography you wouldn’t forget a pivotal thing like that. 46 more words