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Potato, Potahto...

What we say and how we say it exacts a profound influence over how we experience the world – including our perceptions of “objective” reality. Is there such a thing? 9 more words

Physics, Physics, Physics

The Daily Flannel: Time is my relative.

Ok. Just so you all know, for anyone that is remotely interested that is, I have decided to differentiate between my channelled pieces, and my moments of deep pondering, which are slightly more usual, as they for me involve a slightly different process in producing either. 1,119 more words


Reality check

Reality this, reality that.  Who reality cares?

We have to care, if we are trying to understand ourselves.

Over the last few weeks we talked about the reality that never changes, matter and energy.   433 more words


Is that really you?

Are you real?  Have you thought about it?

In these last few weeks, we talked about how matter and energy are real.  Well, there’s a good chance you are made of matter and energy.   381 more words