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Quote Of The Day: 01/22/2015

What Einstein demonstrated in physics is equally true of all other aspects of the cosmos: all reality is relative. Each reality is true only within given limits.

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I don't know

I don’t know what to write about but write I will. My mind lately has been filled with the ideas and fantasies of the sci-fi world. 182 more words

7 Objections to Subjective Reality, What's This All About?

(Photo: t.shirbert)If I told you that an Orange is not orange, and that if you gave me that non-orange citrus sphere, that you’d be giving it to… 3,044 more words


Subjective Reality, The Short Version: Because You Don't Like To Read!

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So skipping right to the sex scene: Subjective Reality is all in your head.  That is the gist of it.  300 more words