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Subjective and Objective Assholes (I Mean Opinions)

Hello! I am at the Willamette Writer’s Conference for the day, but I still have a post for you. Oh yes.

Last week, I wrote about why I think stories about true love or fated love are boring and unfulfilling. 652 more words


Beauty is Fuel

Such a deep concept does beauty entail. It can flow through almost anything like water or wind.  Beauty comes in so many shapes and sizes and means so much to all of us. 489 more words


Facts, Truth, Opinions, Theories, Beliefs Mash-up

I’ve posted a lot about these various topics — facts, truth, opinions, theories, and beliefs — over the years. And I figured I’d said about as much as I needed to say. 887 more words


A Disclaimer on Reviews

I’ve been thinking a lot about reviews and critics recently. It remains fascinating to me how people can have such different opinions about things, and I’m not just referring to theatre. 443 more words


Required: Boundary


A word that sums up everything that is. One thing I wonder about ideas is whether they require some method of expression. Can you have an idea in your mind that exists outside of the boundaries of the language you speak? 319 more words


Narrative Point of View: It's a Matter of Perspective

“…you’ve lost perspective? Well, get it back – God alone has the third person point of view in this life …”
John Geddes

“Nobody outside of a baby carriage or a judge’s chamber believes in an unprejudiced point of view.”

697 more words
Writing Process

We are the sustainers of the world

It is said that we hold the world with our thoughts, the way we experience the world is how we collectively project our thoughts into it. 85 more words