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God, justice, and a traffic court judge

There’s no joy greater than getting a ticket. In my case, the ticket was for an expired state inspection. I’ll withhold my opinions on state inspections for now, because that’s not what provoked this writing. 460 more words

The Metaphysics of “1984”: An exploration of the metaphysical ideas developed in George Orwell's “Nineteen Eighty Four”


An individuals interpretation of reality is always filtered by the barriers between the objective and subjective. It can be said that our perceptions lead us to an imperfect understanding of reality, shaped by our memories (which can be dynamic) and reliant on anecdotal information. 1,358 more words

Big Brother

Alchemy, Science, Superstition.

Excerpt from the Preface to Apollogia Alchymiae by R.W. Councell (1925):

“Of the illusions which amuse the childish mind of man, that of Scientific Progress is not the least absurd. 177 more words


The State is dead. Long live the State!

Anarchy. How cool is that?

Yes, anarchy is different from anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-capitalism, and good old Hipster Anarchism. They all have two things in common: 435 more words


What if it isn't true?

Todays blog is going to be a little difficult to write.

But thats ok, I am going to write it anyway.

My son is being taught… 1,041 more words

Lifes Lessons

Human gods...

I am very comfortable in praying a known mortal  human being as my god or goddess than unknown god of my mind. God is nothing other than our own inner voice. 62 more words

A Review of N.T. Wright's "The Strange Challenge of Truth"

New Testament scholar N.T. Wright (author of lots of books) gave a lecture last Monday at Oklahoma Christian University. The speech was interesting, so I thought I’d provide a review and response for those who might be interested but weren’t able to be there. 2,939 more words

The Deep End