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Sneaky Subjectivism

There is a subtle form of error that is always seeking to find its way into the beliefs of God’s people. I will call it “sneaky subjectivism.” The dictionary defines subjectivism in this way: “a theory or doctrine that limits knowledge to subjective experience or that stresses the subjective elements in experience.” Faith becomes what one feels rather than what one believes.

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Friends, Irrationality, and the Dangers of Repetative Sin

Just recently, I was conversing with my friend Jacob, a devout and well educated Catholic, on the many topics regarding Christianity when an interjection by another friend of mine turned the conversation quite awkward. 913 more words


There Is No Such Thing as Random Chance

The concept of an objective reality is that the world is composed of and governed by rules and truths that can be learned through rational thought… 364 more words

Subjective Limbo

There are several facets of society I refuse to discuss, in detail. Two of the biggest ones are politics and religion. My reasoning is simple: I don’t have time for that bullpucky. 170 more words

Social Constructs

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” This is one of those questions that is often asked but rarely comprehensively answered or seriously thought about. 1,250 more words


Philosophical Idealists as Comrades-In-Arms: A Reply to Sam Kriss.

Self-proclaimed “Tech Blogger. Lifestyle Guru” Sam Kriss has taken it upon himself  to “dialectically critique”(1) the theory within my last post, which asserts that the renewed insurgency in Iraq is but a continuation of the NATO/GCC-sponsored insurgency in neighboring Syria; an element of the wider imperialist war on the classes that form the Resistance axis. 6,599 more words


On the Distinction between Relativism & Subjectivism

In meta-ethics there are two distinct and tangentially related positions that are often conflated with or confused for each other by laypeople. Moral relativism and moral subjectivism are two distinct stances on the nature of the truth conditions for moral propositions. 966 more words

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