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A good reminder

Note: contains ‘bad’ language.


Now I know why so many people seem to be avoiding me.

Subliminal Messages

Bravo Disney, Bravo!

A well deserved congrats to you Disney.  Somewhere in your movie studios, backlots and hidden labs, you have perfected the movie formula of crack.  You manged to take a meh movie (Yes, I am one of the few who didn’t think Frozen was the best thing ever made in the world) and add subliminal messages that make every child insanely addicted to all things Frozen. 230 more words

Haddaway "what is love" seemed appropriate for this post.

I was never any good at telling a story in chronological order. Fact. I remember my English teacher at school scolding me once: “You always go off on a tangent” she had said. 587 more words

My Heart Bleeds For You

This week’s post will be a little shorter than usual as I’m a bit swamped by work this week.  Besides, you should be out checking yourselves for vulnerability to… 189 more words

Subliminal Messages

Rob Halford forced to defend Judas Priest's name against suicide lawsuit


You don’t have to be a riff-hungry young metal-head to know who Judas Priest is these days—all you’ve got to do is read the papers. 1,364 more words