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Subliminal Messages in...Disney?!

Disclaimer: I LOVE Disney! This is in to way to harp on them, just throwing this out there for anyone who cares.

As I am sitting here watching “Tangled,” it brought me back to one of the things I actually remember from AP Psych, which is subliminal messages. 454 more words


Top Ten Reasons to Go Subliminal

Top Ten Reasons to Go Subliminal

Before listing actual reasons, let us review and understand this complex title! For a number of reasons, many people have never explored or shown any interest in personal subliminal audio. 966 more words


How subconscious messages influence you?

Some messages are delivered at a level below the individual’s conscious perception. It was revealed through studies that the messages that are imparted in this manner will affect certain parts of the brain. 483 more words


So this is weird. .

Never blogged from outside my home. . . sober. haha.

But this is too good to wait. I have some sublims I am itching to post – however, don’t want to deal with the consequences of those that enjoy victimizing themselves and assuming all sublims MUST be about them. 262 more words

The Carrie Bradshaw In Me

Take Your Life Off Autopilot From The Subconscious Manipulators...


The idea of someone or something controlling our every thought and action is so 1980s. Let’s face it, we live out our modern, technological lives with access to instant communication and information that allows us to enjoy greater control and freedoms of thought and expression than at any point in recorded human history; right? 399 more words

Different Interesting Stories

Visual and Audible Subliminal Commands to Make Your Dreams Come True

http://mindsecrets.website This will give you another good feel for our extensive line of Subliminal Videos.

Here are the commands on The *Waiting on The Sun* Subliminal Video: 75 more words

Brain Exercises

Hidden Messages in Hollywood Films!

Hollywood films are notorious for hiding subtle symbols in the background and sneaking material past the radar. In fact, there are hidden messages in most big blockbuster movies. 16 more words