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Martial Law, Michael Brown, Subliminal Messages, DNA Memory and Race War Psyops

Once again the powers that be have jumped onto a racially charged issue to further divide and conquer the masses. There are many factors to this situation that have been withheld and released in a certain order to anger the people. 582 more words

Use Subliminal Messages to Learn Korean Language Fast

If you want to learn Korean language fast as well as the easy way, subliminal messages designed to penetrate your subconscious with subtle Korean learning tendency and capacity are the most powerful help you can equip your psyche with. 456 more words

bing searches

Whoever is using Bing to search for this site is sending messages subliminally that they want answered. The latest is "I thought Cody liked Nicole" 64 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

Subliminal Messages to Avoid Eating Fast Food aka Junk Food

You may wonder what subliminal messages have to do with avoiding eating fast food aka junk food. But there really lies an association between the two. 371 more words

Use Subliminal Messages to Learn French Language Fast

Real learning comes subliminally, and that is why subliminal messages help to learn French language fast.

While we are in the learning mode, mind needs to be in a suggestible state like that of a child is when it starts learning everything about the world around including the mother tongue as it comes to its senses. 641 more words



By LuviaJane Swanson:  Columnist


In the Oscar nominated documentary, “God Is The Bigger Elvis,” Mother Prioress Dolores Hart declares that she tries to give people hope. 710 more words