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This 80s Movie: Cruising (1980)

(spoilers ahead)

Cruising is a confused movie, confused about its intention, its story and ending, but also about what it wants to say about homosexuality. And, to get straight it, it should say something about homosexuality. 1,104 more words


Subliminal Messages: do they work? (Well, I used to believe so!)

March, 2007

Before discussing the use, and implications of the use, of subliminal messages in the advertising industry, it is important to give a brief outline of what it is we understand to be a subliminal message. 1,635 more words

The Power Drug

If you love looking too deeply into things like films and books, this will blow your mind! It’s an in-depth analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange. 18 more words

Message in your writing?

I recently did an author interview and one of the questions was around slipping in a subliminal message into the story. So let me ask you… In your latest story, did you weave in a derivative meaning? 221 more words

Subliminal Messages Poem



It is likely your favorite brand or company, has hidden information within their name or logo

These are messages that register subconsciously, meaning we don’t know… 105 more words


Locking Down Timelines

Just to clarify a few loose ends from the previous blog post where I (attempted) to explain what was going on in Movie Night. At the end I mentioned the book I’m currently working on, “The Near Life Experience.” And just wanted to be clear on what the plan is. 619 more words