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Universidad de Creatividad

Este blog podría ser un tad tedioso, pero el pequeños artículos cada de todos y cada uno time frecuencia mostrar su perfil asociado RESPECTO A El todopoderoso interior inesperados sorprendentes enfoques, de… 989 more words


Diners, Beware: Restaurant Menus May Be Manipulating You

(CBS) – You open your menu and you order your food, but have you chosen what you really want to eat — or what the restaurant wants you to eat? 319 more words


S.O.S We Are Subliminal slaves

By Karen Kawadza
Our generation enjoys being spoon fed.
To go out and seek knowledge ourselves is too much of a burden.

So we sit in a hypnotic stance gazing upon the moving images displayed on the rectangle screen. 213 more words



We live in a world that promotes various truths. As such, it is sometimes difficult to determine what is actually real from what is not. If I told you my name was Lisa, but someone else told you my name was Samantha, you would argue that this person is not telling the truth, since I have personally given you my name. 1,750 more words


The Difference Between the Sun and the Moon in Astrology

The Difference between the Sun  and the Moon in Astrology

I will continue with the Moon through the Houses blog posts but wanted to add this post in, in-between.   616 more words


You're looking, but are you seeing?

“No one can force me to do things i don’t want to do” is what a lot if has have said at least once in our lives, but how true is this statement? 592 more words