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I’m not talking
To the part of you you can control
With your thinking
Switch off and on in your soul

Two conversations run parallel… 46 more words


Subliminal Advertising Rampant in India

     Subliminal Advertising Rampant in India “Subliminal” word comprises of two roots: sub + liminal. /sub-/ means ‘below’ and /-liminal/ means ‘the threshold’. The collective meaning is something (stimuli) below the threshold of human perception at conscious awareness ─affecting you without you noticing! 350 more words


Subliminal Cartoons?

So maybe I haven’t gotten the memo but apparently Disney is a no, no when it comes to “appropriate kid TV viewing”.  I was not aware of this until a few months ago when I was at a dinner party and someone said their kid is not allowed to watch any sort of Disney based programming.  821 more words

THURSDAY: Bees -- What’s with the Buzz?

10 April 2014

Ms. Bee, why do you buzz?

First, mechanics. When the bee flaps its small wings with amazing speed, it creates a gust of wind. 657 more words

Bumble Bees

What were you trying to get a taste of?...Vince!?

Sooo y’all know Tamar Braxton right!? & her husband Vince!?…ok cool. Well, supposedly he’s cheating on her…& with someone she knows!?! I don’t know how to feel about all this. 89 more words


BBC Flashes SUBLIMINAL Illuminati Symbols During “Match of the Day” Promo

from freeradiorevolution, and Vigilant Citizen:
This BBC advertisement entitled “Beware the Ides of March” features football highlights mixed with the flashing of a whole lot of Illuminati symbols. 66 more words

Mind Control