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The wisdom of a four year old

“Daddy, did you know Katy Perry sings holding her breath. When she roars she uses her breath but when she sings she holds her breath. It takes a lot of practice, you have to practice at home and in the shower.” 9 more words

Submission Process

The logic of four year olds

Conversation between my wife and our four year old.

Daughter: let me take that sticker off your cup

Wife: thanks, I thought it was on there a little odd… 70 more words

Submission Process

The simpler things in life

May you be able to enjoy the simpler things in life as easily as a four year old. I know I try everyday, especially right now as I wait on word from my agent on responses from publishers. 29 more words

Submission Process

Culinary genius

Well it shouldn’t be all that hard to wait on a publisher’s response when I have my four and a half year old daughter to keep me entertained. 108 more words

Submission Process


Now the hard part is here. Waiting.

I should be good at waiting though. I had four years of practice in the Marine Corps. The mantra of the military is “hurry up and wait”. 148 more words

Submission Process