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How to do Things RIGHT

What does it mean to do things “right”? Aren’t there many ways to tackle a project?  I have a suggestion:

It means to do things the way the boss wants it done. 118 more words


How Do You Handle Sensitive Information?

When I became responsible for the Business Office of our organization (a position I later handed over to someone far more capable), I became privy to very sensitive information (payroll, spending, legal documents, etc). 174 more words

Personal Lessons

How Do I Get My Boss Onto My Agenda?

That is a silly question…and we all know it.  We are all employed to be on the company agenda, not vice-versa.  And, that agenda is defined by the leader above me.  211 more words


Are You Teachable?

This afternoon, I was visiting one of my mentors (Dan Finch) and he told me a story about John Maxwell visiting his church.  (This story occurred over 30 years ago)  John sat him down at a restaurant and started listing numerous leadership changes that Dan should make in the church. 120 more words


Budgets Provide Boundaries

All of us have limits on the money available to spend on our projects.  Some of us have larger budgets and some have smaller ones.  But we are all limited. 143 more words