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Spinning my wheels

Sorry if anyone is actually reading my little blog but i feel like i have been spinning my wheels the last few weeks and have not felt inspired to write anything. 126 more words

The Good Submissive

For the sake of this blog post, and my sanity, I am using the term “submissive” here, but please understand that this can apply to all forms of the submissive: slaves, bottoms, switches, etc. 2,248 more words


Brittle Pieces (NaPoWriMo 13 of 30)

She left her feet in FL
Miami Beach to be exact
The moment he told her she was not allowed to go anywhere without his permission… 196 more words

Review: Switch it ON by J. H. Craig

Full disclosure: I received this story in exchange for an honest review.

The Switch Stories by J. H. Craig follow Miss Madeline, a professional dom. But as the title suggests, there’s more to her sexuality than dominance. 343 more words


agenda Fri Apr 25: complete post-Tempest essay

Take the time you need in today’s class to complete your essay.  If that includes receiving feedback from a classmate, feel free.   Remember the deadline for submission to TURNITIN is 3:30 today. 46 more words


some kinda robot

A time distortion field diverted me through an alien attack and a big ass movie review, so it turns out my manuscript will skid past my arbitarily self-inflicted pre-vacation deadline. 153 more words

Janika Banks