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Thought on submission (and dominance).

As always on a Saturday, I am sitting down to write, except for the difference that for once I am writing quite a lot earlier. The reason: Real Life. 2,482 more words


Sub conscious

So of late my Daddy and I have set out to find a couple, a guy for DP or another woman to join in. We had a date set up with another man but He bailed which was expected – actually Daddy called it long before. 790 more words


More thoughts *laughs*

I bet everyone’s about tired of these but for once this isn’t bad…I don’t think.  Was perving profiles in SL a few minutes ago & was reading the profile of a Gorean slave & some things she wrote in there made me think & I just kind of wanted to write them down here so I could have them to go back & look at them when I need to.   151 more words

The Training Begins.

On January 24, 2015, i finally started my sub training.

This is something that i have been wanting for a long time. i removed myself from the lifestyle, because i didn’t think that i would find it. 111 more words


Concrete Jungle

Forget the smog,
take me where
the world speaks
through waves
crashing and
birds singing,
let her sing to me
in gentle rhythms
and lulling tones. 23 more words


give me that fuck now

He gives me my instructions: I’m to have my bath, and once I’ve toweled off I’m to get dressed in a tight little T-shirt, a black thong and stilettos. 369 more words


Why Humiliation and Submission Must Be In Presence of the Divine When Man is in Worship

A Portion of a Passage in Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

They who are not in the knowledge of interior things cannot believe otherwise than that the Divine wills the humiliation and submission of man, … 162 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg