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Kneeling, naked on the floor, back to the door, Louise glanced around her room. Her toys were laid out neatly on the table, and a look at her clock told her it was five minutes to; time for her to put on the blindfold… 106 more words


The End Task - Treatment For FMP + Character Profiles - (FOR SUBMISSION)

 My story for FMP

‘Strangers And A Chain.’

A Man. In love with a Woman. But he is unable to tell her he is in love with her because he is too shy to talk to her. 674 more words

Research And Development (360MC)

Disarming--Do You Really Want To Do This?

When someone at work confronts you in a rude or hostile manner, why would you want to practice disarming, when you could respond with comebacks (counter-attacking), rational explanations for your actions (defending), or submission (disengagement)? 455 more words


Sex Sex Sex Bondage

Sex and BDSM are closely linked
But how do you go from having normal missionary 3 times a week to being a bedroom dominatrix, spanking and bondage galore. 291 more words


“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7, NIV)

Today’s scripture selection is a “summary verse” of James’ explanation of the source of our internal conflicts and of our external strife. 117 more words

You, Me, & the Fish Tank

In addition to keeping this blog, I’m also in the process of compiling a short book of poetry and prose, titled You, Me, & the Fish Tank  144 more words


Balancing submissiveness with independence

Damage done

I have never been really good at self-regulating my emotions and in a whim I lashed out at my Dom via text – which was in retrospect a really bad idea. 933 more words