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Set Theory Sum Up (by @happynikitakk)

When we first started this topic, I was a bit concerned that it would be a bit difficult to get my head around. However, the topic was surprisingly logical and understandable. 180 more words


Set Theory Topic Reflection (by @sanjnavee)

Hey Sir,

Set theory was a really short but interesting topic.

I’d heard of set theory before but apart from hearing of it I’d never actually known anything else so it was quite fun to learn and understand. 148 more words


Remember Your Strategies - Silent Party


Indie rock band, Silent Party, releases “Remember Your Strategies” on their official SoundCloud page. The single is one of the most well put together submissions and we’ve received thus far and we’re definitely on board the Silent Party train.  46 more words


Set Theory by@winstonfoo8

Learning Set Theory has added much more advanced details and knowledge to my very basic knowledge of Venn Diagrams. Also i have learned new methods of categorizing elements through the introductiom of Carroll Diagrams. 73 more words


set theory test (By Subaruau)

i found that in the test i Achieved less marks than i was expecting.


the reason behind my satisfactory mark i believe was that i was overwhelmed  by the symbols and got confused and distracted over the ideas and concepts they represent. 44 more words


Bits and Bobs

As most of the Writers’ Group is aware, I collect eclectic pages to do with writing. They may be news, pictures, prompts, helpful information etc. I hope you find some of these helpful… 202 more words

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'Emanations: Foray into Forever' and Call for Submissions

Emanations: Foray into Forever actually came out a couple of months ago and I’ve still yet to get a copy! It’s been on my to-read list, and my to-read list is pretty long. 328 more words