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day 5 anal training

well i’m just an anal slut really aren’t i. last night we went to bed and this time he got out a large butt plug, and i didn’t cry, i didn’t even wait for him to tell me, i just presented my ass to him, and when he fucked me with that plug i gritted my teeth and didn’t whimper, and then he eased his cock into me and i pushed back on him immediately to get it all inside me, and he didn’t go slow or easy on me he pushed me right down onto the mattress and rammed so hard into me i screamed into the pillow and then he fucked me so hard and deep in my ass i was so full up i was going to choke and he fucked and fucked me for a long time and when he pulled out he threw me onto my back and came all over my breasts and my face and holy fuck that was hot. 96 more words

more anal training

the fourth morning, thank god he didn’t fuck me again like that in the kitchen. the fourth night though, jesus, yes i’m looking forward to it but this time it wasn’t the nice little jeweled butt plug, it was a heftyish medium one, and he pushed it in and i started crying, i just couldn’t help it. 304 more words

holy fuck that was unexpected

that thing where he’s been quite mean to my ass for a couple of nights running and he comes into the kitchen the next day while i’m organising breakfast and he teases me and tickles me and then slips my pyjama pants down and slides his hard cock inside my ass before i register what’s even happening and i’m gasping and scrabbling the countertop trying to get away or at least find some balance and he rams hard up into my ass and i’m gasping no no no wait no no wait like a fucking record on repeat and he rams up and up into me and i can hear him grunting as he forces his cock as deep inside my ass as possible and i’m making this high pitched noise and he bends me over the counter further and fucks me fast and faster and it’s so fucking painful and he’s going and going and he suddenly pulls up and holds me as i collapse and whispers in my ear “this belongs to me. 27 more words

we're going to try something new, babygirl

he says as he buckles me into the night’s outfit. this was a while ago, but it takes a bit of … time to pass before i feel up to talking about it. 760 more words

barefoot and fucked in the kitchen

i was harming nobody, just a few innocent salad vegetables, cooking and chopping and humming to myself and he comes in, gives me a hug and a kiss, has a look at what i’m doing, it’s all just lovely and friendly. 401 more words

begging for anal because i'm just a whore ...

to be more precise, i’m my husband’s whore, who he’s trained to need what he wants to do to me. the more he wants to hurt me, the more i need to be abused. 186 more words

a charmed evening of stress relief

he came home tired again. tired and frustrated and another shitty day at work. i was in the study on my computer when he got home, and i came out to meet him. 421 more words