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a cliche i finally got to enjoy

giving head in a movie theatre :)

of course in my old fantasies, it was me deciding to do it, doing it for 30 seconds, and him being so impressed he fell in even crazier deeper love and gave me a respectful peck on the cheek. 308 more words

wife sharing - fantasy - part 3

“i know what you’re doing, little girl.” Master murmurs to me. i blush more. he leads me to a group of four men standing together by the wall, and just before we get there, he stops, turns me around to face him. 624 more words

why did i think i even had a say?

… last night. he said he was going to let me sleep. i asked for play – but nothing too heavy.

so he put the hood on me. 592 more words

good morning, cunt

he hooks a finger into the ring on my collar, pulls me down the bed, pushes his cock into my mouth. i start licking and sucking, doing all the right things, i know my place is down there, but apparently this morning not quite true, i didn’t know everything. 137 more words

wife sharing - fantasy - part 2

we reach the front door, but before he knocks, my husband brings out the slave leash, and clips it to my collar.

“down”, with a short tug on it. 443 more words

wife sharing - a fantasy - part 1

we show up at the party after an evening of me nervously dithering around at home, until he finally just threw some clothing at me and ordered me to get dressed. 503 more words

Thinking [travel tips] Thursday

I’ve done a little bit of traveling recently, without my Sir. I’d tell you more about it, but I guess it’s one of things of which we shall not speak, 203 more words