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Ruining my evening and my ass

This was a while ago. Busy night in winter, lots of things for me to do around the house, no time to get into the usual outfit, just my collar of course. 962 more words

Making this wife into a sex slave

I remember the very old days, when I would reject him when he wanted sex. I remember the in between days when I would play heavily but be able to stop the sex when it became too painful. 322 more words

Being a submissive wife and surrendering my ass

What a romantic title. But there’s something to the idea of surrendering. Of having resisted long enough, and knowing that the battle is lost, so I may as well give up and hope to be treated kindly by my captor. 283 more words

Little submissive moments

This morning I must have been doing something right, because there I was tidying the living room, and he walks in and tells me to present – get on the ground, all fours, knees spread, face on the floor, ankles crossed, etc. 136 more words

Forced wife prostitution - the fantasy

… We are in a bar, the kind of trendy one where the music is far too loud, everyone is far too drunk, and the place is packed. 2,112 more words

thinking [things unsaid] Thursday

Hey!  Today is Thursday!  I’ve missed my weekly ponderings some bit. I’ve been thinking and pondering, but I haven’t felt like writing.  As I sit here tonight, lonely, on my bed (hiding from the children) I am thinking about my life, my feelings, my best friend, my dreams, my goals… and my Sir. 398 more words


Rough sex, forced sex, non consensual ...

It’s not as if I’m fighting back. It’s not as if I’m begging him to stop. I don’t try to get away. I spread when he tells me to. 250 more words