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What’s the anatomy of your SIr? And, no, I’m not talking about how big his hands are. I’m talking about what makes him tick. I find more and more that each Sir has his own preferences for how the home and relationship should run, and each his own reasons for it. 612 more words

Why is submission in a marriage a powerful tool for wives?

In a recent article, the marriage roles of a pastor husband and his wife are met with challenges and opposition. The wife displays her discontent with the husband’s controlling behavior by demanding her “freedom”. 746 more words

Tips For Couples

Why domestic discipline is not abuse...

My ex husband was emotionally abusive…. I was kidnapped and held by a man who choked me constantly until I passed out, and I was raped twice before the age of 17. 882 more words

Asked and Answered: What DD is for us

The more people I meet who are curious about the inner workings of a Domestic Discipline relationship (usually online friends in forums etc.), the more questions I end up getting asked. 1,188 more words

The Bizarre World of Domestic Discipline

Sometimes in a relationship someone forgets to do something. Or lets the other person down. It may be something as trivial as burning the toast. I remember one time, early on in our marriage after some random event saying to Mrs. 762 more words

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I tend to agree with that. How about loved and understood? Well, that is a holy thing. But sometimes, communication ain’t easy …


Submissive Wife

day 5 anal training

well i’m just an anal slut really aren’t i. last night we went to bed and this time he got out a large butt plug, and i didn’t cry, i didn’t even wait for him to tell me, i just presented my ass to him, and when he fucked me with that plug i gritted my teeth and didn’t whimper, and then he eased his cock into me and i pushed back on him immediately to get it all inside me, and he didn’t go slow or easy on me he pushed me right down onto the mattress and rammed so hard into me i screamed into the pillow and then he fucked me so hard and deep in my ass i was so full up i was going to choke and he fucked and fucked me for a long time and when he pulled out he threw me onto my back and came all over my breasts and my face and holy fuck that was hot. 96 more words