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My husband is home, time to obey

I hear the front door slam behind him, and I hear “Slave, get here. Bring lube. The plug.”

Usually we don’t really start playing for another hour, but I’m no idiot, so I rush over there. 418 more words

thinking [lists, songs, issues] thursday

I’ve been writing a lot. My drafts folder on here is filled with various things… good and bad, sexy and bland. My notebooks have many half-finished posts, tear-laden rants and questions galore. 599 more words


Spread and fucked like an owned wife

Get in here, he calls. He’s in the bedroom. I am wearing jeans and a sweater. Pants off, he tells me. Bend over the end of the bed. 162 more words

the rules

God, what rules? I mean, I remember I wrote a list here a few months ago, right? Talking proudly about our rules? And hey, no surprises here – they’ve fallen by the wayside. 186 more words

And we're back

Flat on my back? I hear you ask. Well, sometimes. Anyway life got in the way from blog updates, but I know I owe you all, and I don’t feel comfortable in my sluttiness unless I’m sharing it with strangers who want me to go deeper, too. 464 more words

thinking [solid] thursday

I’ve done many a post about how our D/s dynamic is a lifestyle/not a game/24-7/etc. I have felt strongly in each one and believed, whole-heartedly, every single word I typed on the subject. 344 more words

Married D/s