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...and she qualifies!

qualify:  make (a statement or assertion) less absolute; add reservations to.

I qualify most everything.  Seriously, almost every decent thing I say about myself is accompanied with fine print.  713 more words

Married D/s

CDD, You've Got it Wrong

Well, I’ve been involved in some interesting stuff here lately. I have been researching some social movements such as the christian patriarchy movement, stay at home daughters movement and the ever popular domestic discipline movement (sometimes part of the christian patriarchy movement). 970 more words


What it looks like to me

I’ve been musing about this post for a while. Recently I’ve been in conversations with a number of people regarding submission, and although I’m not going to share our exact dynamic, I thought I’d share my thoughts. 442 more words

Driving Away in the Sunset-A Lesson in Relinquishing Control

My husband is a car guy.  I know, most men are, but my husband goes beyond the norm to completely obsessed.  As the rest of the world keeps up with others through Facebook, my husband keeps up with all the latest and greatest cars…ordinary, high-end luxury, and sporty…through CarBuzz.  1,133 more words

Stay At Home Mom