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Not all forms of pain are seen as pleasure. (23/07/2014)

Today, I took the time out to paint my fingers and toe nails in Master’s favourite colour; red. He wants me to stop biting my nails. 381 more words


For the record, I figured out S and I weren’t going anywhere before you started up with your latest bullshit. You did not “control” me into doing jack shit. 1,435 more words


Right now

I just reviewed the activity on my email account. I have verified copies of when you’ve been logging into my account and reading the emails between S and me. 205 more words


Perfectly said

A Dominant needs to be needed

A submissive needs to feel wanted

Apart, they are empty shells

Together they are complete and whole



This was a nice touch. Love the ‘sup’ you added too. What was that? … 4 days after I wrote the stuff about my cousin who creeps on me via Facebook and messages me ‘sup’ at 4:30 in the morning. 105 more words


Bring the Heat - How Hot Do you Like It?

There are a lot of differences between “heat levels” in romance books, and the interpretation can vary greatly from one author, and reader, to another.  338 more words

Comfort Can Come in Strange Ways

When I first started blogging, my goal was to post everyday, but yesterday I struggled.  There were so many tumultuous emotions flowing within me.   Overall, I am a very happy and content sub but I suppose I am entitled to one bad week right?   456 more words