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Marked and Claimed

“Where are my stripes?”

Earlier that day, I had smacked my inner thighs with the wooden handle of a kitchen utensil 10 times (10 of 39 that I owed him for being late on a blog). 1,278 more words


I do what I want!

Yesterday, I ran across a discussion on a forum on a website I won’t name in which a slave was asking for advice from the BDSM community, saying that her master (I refuse to capitalize in this case) not only wasn’t communicating with her about an issue that was pertinent to both of them, but was becoming angry, defensive, and even more secretive whenever she asked questions. 735 more words



I’m reposting from my Facebook what serve as my reminders to always be a lifemaker and not a lifesucker.

I will never forget what Mark told me that’s so impactful. 60 more words

For my slave!!

I love you Abe-zure. Hope you sleep well.


Good night.

Full of junk food and tired from a long day, Master has tucked me in to bed and left me to sleep earlier than usual. On the downside, he’s not coming to bed yet. 24 more words

Hair pulling

Hair pulling – a little something to spice things up. Just remember to discuss it before doing, because: a) some people don’t like to be submissive, b) not everyone likes it rough, c) hair roots may be very sensitive, d) must be in the right mood. 8 more words