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NaNoWriMo for Newbies - Part 3, Subplots

Okay, so the picture is completely unrelated, but I found it on the NaNo page on Facebook and I think it perfectly sums up how it feels to be a writer. 567 more words


How much is too much?

My work-in-progress, Indomitable, has a lot of–well, everything.

Action: wildfire

Reaction: how it impacts the threatened town of Redford, Colorado (from Indivisible and Indelible) and involves the firefighters, police, politicians, and townspeople. 260 more words

Christian Fiction

Flesh and Blood

I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old advice about acting and reacting; in fact, I’ve echoed that advice several times.  Your good guys shouldn’t spend the entire book reacting— it makes them seem slow and apathetic, as if they’d lie in bed all day if there wasn’t a villain to trample their watermelon garden or blow up downtown.   1,058 more words


Subplots and Why We Need Them

So for a while now I’ve been posting writing tips when I feel I’ve mostly mastered them. I’ll share what I’ve learned and share so the squeaky new writer can read my posts (along with others) rather than starting from scratch. 343 more words

For The New Writer

Solving Coincidences with Subplots

You can picture the scene.  It’s a mystery-solving, crime-stopping TV show, with a main character who can drop witticisms even as he finds clues and shoots people.   933 more words


A Model of Grace- Observing Grace Livingston Hill's writing

While, I was preparing to write At All Cost. I was drawn to reading Grace Livingston Hill’s romance novels. The key to GLH novels is that she never introduces a bevy of characters in the first few chapters. 252 more words

Ariel Custer