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A Model of Grace- Observing Grace Livingston Hill's writing

While, I was preparing to write At All Cost. I was drawn to reading Grace Livingston Hill’s romance novels. The key to GLH novels is that she never introduces a bevy of characters in the first few chapters. 252 more words

Ariel Custer

Making Subplots Necessary

Subplots are, at best, distractions.

That’s a good thing.  When your main plot is moving slowly, or has to wait for something to happen, a subplot can come in and keep people interested.   851 more words


Fiction 101 — #10 Don't Let Your Middle Sag

At my age, a title like this makes me take notice. I sit up straighter, pull my shoulders back and suck in my middle.

That’s what we want to do with the middles of our stories: be aware of their presentation and do what’s required to improve them. 522 more words


Plot and Motivation: Climb Aboard the Railroad!

After a brief break, it’s time to hop back in the saddle!  For that, we’ll start with today’s Plot and Motivation article looking at a plot device that is perhaps one of the weakest form of plot available to storytelling: the Railroad.  485 more words

Plot And Motivation

The Truth about August Blackstone

My main character’s name is August Blackstone, at least that’s what I think her name is (she’s named after her grandfather Augustus “Gus” Blackstone). She’s bisexual, in her early thirties, a journalist, and she’s in that phase of life where she’s contemplating what to do next because her grandfather just died and left her a cottage in Black River, SC… Out in the middle of nowhere, but it’s on a lake and it’s gorgeous. 563 more words


Kat: Oh Conflict, Where are Thou

While attending RWA National in San Antonio, I pitched my book. Twice. And both pitches were unqualified disasters, mostly because the day before I’d lost my voice, but also because I didn’t prepare. 804 more words


Plots, Subplots, Plotplots, and the Grievances In Between

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Hola World! I’m back!! But before I get started on the meat and potatoes of this post, I’m gonna start with a side salad drenched in a rant. 1,095 more words