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Dom K.- Represent

New track from Dom Kennedy- Represent (I Like That).



Went to the ER twice this week!
Baby is ok! There is a strong heartbeat!
I have a clot that my body is fighting off right now. 107 more words

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I never negotiate with terrorists

Ads. They’re everywhere. They ask you to SUBSCRIBE PLS Maybe even on this blog, but I have no power there. Back in the day we didn’t have ads. 220 more words


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Are SaaS Companies Just Misunderstood?

Depending on whom you ask, companies that sell their products on a subscription basis are either companies that are veritable giantsĀ of growth, or firms that hide their business models’ inherent weakness in the form of short-term losses that are dismissed under the guise of investment. 1,583 more words


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Disable email

I would disable email in the settings bar. From me at least. I am posting at about the rate I was last year and half of this shit is awful. Anyways, I warned ya.



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