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A really cool Addiction self-assessment tool

I came across this presentation and thought I should share it….If you think it’s as cool as I do, please share as well…


Are there too many Addiction treatment options? Survey responder thinks so...

Out of one hundred (100) responses, thirty (30) included comments. I will present and address each of the comments either individually, or grouped, depending on the nature of the responses. 475 more words


Results from The Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey

Over the last thirty (30) days, I have been running the Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey. When I published the survey, I sought to gather one hundred (100) responses, and I am happy to report that the survey did receive the intended responses. 62 more words


The Stages of Recovery in Infograph form

Over the last several weeks, I have been going through notes and various case studies and I believe I have found the stages a person goes through during recovery and wanted to share them in infograph form.   7 more words


The Stages of Recovery from Addiction

I’ve written about the Stages of Addiction, the Stages of Change, and the Substance Abuse Spectrum. However, I was challenged with the idea of the “Stages of Recovery from an Addiction” from someone visiting my blog. 271 more words


Some things to remember about early recovery

It might be easy to dismiss someone who suffers with an addiction as a “junkie” or as a “drunk” or as an “addict.” But what’s lost in that dismissal are the significant changes that occur in someone’s brain as a result of abusing drugs and/or alcohol. 567 more words


Still Sober......9-8-14

So sometimes I have no idea what I am going to blog about. Like today, no clue. I have not been to a meeting in about ten days. 96 more words