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Please respond to The Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception Survey

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to understand that Addiction is a prevalent and almost overwhelming issue. And in listening to literally hundreds of people discuss Addiction, I believe that no other single issue facing us causes as much negative emotion as does Addiction. 335 more words


Three cool and important things on the way

I have a ton of ideas buzzing in my head all the time. Some ideas become realities, while others simply buzz off. These days, I’m working on a few things that will soon come to fruition and hopefully serve the purpose for which I envisioned and I’d like to share those things with anybody who’s curious. 231 more words


A really interesting slideshow about marijuana....

I came across this presentation and felt the need to share….please let me know of any questions…


Your child will be exposed to drugs/alcohol -- deal with it

If your child is between 12-18 years old and is starting school again soon, then I have some news for you: Your child will probably be exposed to drugs and/or alcohol in the near future, if they haven’t already been. 603 more words


The Stages of Addiction in infograph form

As a reminder, I wanted to share the stages of addiction as an “infographic” in hopes that it’s shared and becomes a useful learning tool…


Which is worse, heroin or alcohol?

A few nights ago, I sat at a table where a group of people were drinking large amounts of alcohol while discussing the heroin problem in Northern New Mexico. 463 more words


Mental Health and Our Homeless Population

I never realized the impact mental health issues had on diverse groups of people for a long time. I believed that mental illness was as elusive as a disease that effected the elderly. 487 more words

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