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I can guarentee one thing in sobriety!

I heard a guy in a meeting once say, “If you stay sober long enough, you will relive your life over, sober, I guarantee it.” 295 more words


The Shrink's Links: Your Self Image on Drugs

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Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders sacrifices himself for his art. He took a different drug every day for a few weeks and drew a self-portrait  while under the influence. 13 more words

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Even those who have no love can learn to live and laugh

I like to write stuff that seems almost contradictory. This poem, Even those who have no love, appears to see crack addiction as a bad thing, but then goes on to suggest that even someone addicted to crack is worthy of light and love. 203 more words


Why doesn't anyone seem to care about Addiction and Recovery?

Boy, it’s been easy to rail at the masses of people who simply do not seem to care one bit about Addiction. I say this based upon my own perceptions. 464 more words


Want to know the definition of Addiction Recovery Psychology?

Rustling through papers that are scattered all over my writing area is sometimes like treasure hunting. Every so often, I’ll find an outline for a story or seminal lines for a poem that I had totally forgotten. 411 more words


Want to know an addict's mind?

A great resource for understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction is now available on Amazon. 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction will provide you with a solid foundation for working through either your own or someone else’s challenges in overcoming an addiction. 111 more words



I found an interesting article on Good Therapy‘s website regarding addiction.  I have to admit that I do not know much about addiction- it is not an area of interest of mine, so I will admit that I am not competent in it, and I will not pretend to be. 47 more words