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Alcoholics Annonymous

I wouldn’t be much of a substance abuse counselor if I didn’t leave a link for the great grand daddy of all self help groups, now would I? 7 more words

The Shrink's Links

Women at Risk: How Addiction Affects Women Differently

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health took a survey that revealed men were more likely to fall victim to substance abuse and addiction than women. 493 more words


Substance Abuse: The Truth about Alcohol

One of the substances that is being abused and over-consumed by individuals who have no self-control is alcoholic drinks. A California rehab explains that alcohol is dangerous to human health when taken too much and out of control. 366 more words

California Detox

from; Moving Forward.....

(Moving Forward)

Step six and seven. Truly letting go of my past and defects. Making my road to recovery and connection with my higher power as clear as it has ever been for the first time in my life. 46 more words


Overeating or Binge Eating Disorder: Is It "Food Addiction"?

I have had issues with disordered eating since early adolescence. I mostly engage in overeating or maybe even binge eating (a binge being a distinct period of severe overeating accompanied by a feeling of being out of control). 416 more words


Sobriety: so much more than just not drinking and using!

So at fifteen months in sobriety I finally realize that its not all about me! I’ve always felt that my disease is special. That my addiction is unique. 175 more words


Would you call suicide a taboo subject?

I had a very long discussion with a friend yesterday that left me with some interesting topics to post about. A lot of these topics have occurred throughout my life such as self-esteem issues, depression, relationships and suicide. 378 more words

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