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Matériaux ...Floral Friday

Artists have long known that the nature of a substance affects the outcome of a project.  On the surface, this seems obvious.  After awhile, this fact finds its way into the recesses of… 284 more words


The trap of happiness

## The trap of happiness

### Life is not about being happy or unhappy, it’s about being true… this, not even for the sake of being good to others, but first of all to be true to ourself. 637 more words

What are Research Chemicals?

Research chemicals are chemical substances used by scientists for medical and scientific research purposes. One characteristic of a research chemical is that it is for laboratory research use only. 81 more words

I missed a few days

So….I missed a few days of the Tour de France. I have been trying to write something everyday, which anyone following my blog would know. Between the time difference of the Tour and life I missed a few days and for that I apologize if anybody feels slighted. 253 more words


Sassy and Sober

That title may be a tad mislead. Why, yes I am sassy (And Sassy, that matter). But “sober” is often used to refer to an extended time… 411 more words


Commercial drugs

This initiates a cascade of inflammatory substances. Rather than targeting those inflammatory substances as the Vioxx product does, a much greater, sustained benefit can come from going to cause. 48 more words

Love Past Tense vs Love Present Tense

All I wanted
Was for you to love me
Hell you probably still do
Or at least still feel something
Maybe hatred
Actually – probably hatred… 166 more words