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"All the mamas who profit dollas…"

Throw your hands up at me… Haha, I can safely say that when I bring in money, it won’t be by being the next Beyonce. 768 more words

My Students and the Substitute Teacher

My class is horrible on a regular basis. Today, there was a sub in music and afterwards, the sub came and talked to me about the behavior of some of my students. 135 more words

Day 10 of Positivity Challenge (Extended Edition)

Today I:

1. subbed a kids yoga class & rocked it!

2. cooked family dinner early so that I can enjoy a quiet evening.

3. realized that in order for me to fully be the best version of myself in my own personal moments, I need to practice self-forgiveness more.

Celestial Groove

Para for a Day

Yesterday I got the opportunity to act as a Para in a neighboring district. I know several people that went to this elementary school so I was very excited to learn more about it. 253 more words

Substitute Teacher

Four days teaching Early Intervention

I accepted this job several months ago, excited to have an assignment during the school year. I was anxious about geting there due to the distance from my home, being in the next county. 380 more words

Substitute Teacher

Day 1

Taking part in TeachThought’s Reflective Teacher Blogging Challenge! For more information, check the details here.

Day 1: Write your goals for the school year. Be as specific or abstract as you’d like to be! 116 more words

Subbing time again!

As September draws closer and another rejection letter sails through the letterbox, it’s time to start preparing the subbing kit for another year. In this post I’ll go through some of my essentials. 802 more words

Substitute Teacher