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My Day in Autistic Support

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach an Early Intervention class. It was an autisitc support room that provided 1:1 support. There were several PCAs that were very welcoming and worked very well with the children. 140 more words

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The Defiant One

One day as I sat on the sofa and Blondie, in rare form, had just jumped up on the sofa with me to sniff my clean laundry, I must have made a noise that startled her or moved my big toe or something, for suddenly she somersaulted backwards off the sofa landing on all four paws. 1,053 more words



I found a container with a locking lid at the dollar store to keep all my rewards in for easy access. I also purchased a set of 100 small erasers at the dollar store. 170 more words

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With my history as a psychology major I find it very important for kids to be earning something. Coming into a classroom for a day I may not be familiar with the classroom behavior system and accountability methods. 248 more words

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Network, Network, Network

One thing I have learned is that networking is key in the field of education. Recently I ventured out into the world of twitter. I was quickly able to connect with hundreds of educators my first day. 61 more words

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Resources for Teachers

There are a lot of great resources out there for teachers. As a substitute if you know what you are looking for you can utilize a lot of them. 164 more words

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Resources for Substitutes

Over the course of the summer I have spent a lot of time on the internet looking for resources for substitute teachers. I have found a lot of great resources for teachers but very little specifically for substitutes. 74 more words

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