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Understanding substitutes

Seth Godin nails it here.   Not just for restaurants and hospitality, but for all businesses.  Click Seth’s name to read the whole article.

By Seth Godin… 1,110 more words


applesauce banana bread (no butter or oil)

I’m not  much of a baker, but every so often I get a mad craving for banana bread. Let’s be honest, it’s more like cake than bread…but here’s a healthier variety that will still satisfy that craving! 245 more words



A popular practice in Tibetan magick is to make a substitute, which is by no stretch just a Tibetan or Buddhist practice, pretty much every culture has something similar. 929 more words


Subbing for Myself

I had a substitute teacher in my classroom on Tuesday afternoon while I was attending a monthly inquiry group meeting. There were some aspects of the afternoon that did not go as well as I had hoped, and so I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday discussing with my class what they could do better in the future. 1,296 more words

Fourth Grade

Healthy eating Substitutes

If you’ve ever craved a certain food or a certain food group, congratulations, it means you’re human. However, giving in to those pesky cravings can sometimes really put a dampener on our efforts to eat healthily. 92 more words

Apple Crisp

Who doesn’t love a fresh juicy peach crisp the kind with crumbles that melt in your mouth, and perk up any spring day?  Sadly this is not a spring day, but there’s nothing that says you can’t alter it and perk up a fall day. 526 more words


Desks, Worksheets, and Subs, oh why?

It’s Tuesday morning at 7:35am, and I look out at the sea of empty desks soon to be filled with restless minds and motionless bums. I’m just as soothed by the silence as I am by the fact that that my outfit it is actually laundered and my shoes happen to match. 777 more words