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My first sick days

Already, only four weeks into the year I got sick.  Not just sick I got strep throat.  UGH!  I fell victim to strep twice a year every year as a kid until  I was about 10, just before they were going to remove my tonsils.   227 more words


Dried Apricot Sesame Marinaded Flounder

So I was looking though my pantry the other day and there in the back behind a giant bag of rice was some dried apricots. They must have been in there for a while because the last time we bought apricot pieces was back in February. 1,148 more words



Montana State University Assistant Professor Dr. D. Mark Anderson puts the drug debate into economic context

Dr. D. Mark Anderson gives an economic perspective on medical marijuana laws based on his research and data. 437 more words

Putting NEWS Into Newsgentpost

Sweetened Condensed Milk Free Key Lime pie

So My family and I are headed to a big pickin’ this Labor Day and everyone has to bring a dish side or dessert. So with a surplus of limes stashed a way on my refrigerator I thought this might be a great time to make a lime pie. 1,034 more words


Book Pricing: The Economics of Diversifying Markets

Happy Labor Day! In honor of no work (nevermind the fact that I do something similar to the below assessment as part of my job) and no school (for the back-to-school crowd), I’m dusting off some econ today. 1,328 more words


Virtual reality is a poor substitute

The American Congress, a few years ago, passed a law that entitles deceased war veterans to have a bugler play at their funerals. However there’s a problem; there are very few buglers around these days. 117 more words


Cooking Without Oil

When you’re trying to lose weight every choice you make counts. Paying attention to exactly what is going into your body matters.

If you’re looking for an easy way to cut some calories and lose weight a little faster here’s a tip for you. 228 more words