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Check if NSString contains a substring

As NSString doesn’t have method containsSubstring: here is a simple method which simply checks whether some NSString contains substring:

NOTE: This method should be added in a category on NSString which makes it easier to use. 47 more words


String operations in MSSQL.


This functions return the starting position of a string pattern specified and does not take wildcard character. CHARINDEX takes two arguments, first is the string to find the position and second is the string where the position is to be found. 412 more words


One line of code to make a better quick search in FAR Manager

A few testimonials first. FAR Manager was the kind of software which I used a lot on a daily basis. Really, it’s fast, has a rich feature set and looks cool (console-styled interface is quite competitive with those native Windows GUI’s that other managers have). 634 more words

Splitting a range string into a table

This week’s post is a requirement that I see very regularly as a developer. You get a plaintext string containing one or more ranges. Each range is comma delimited, and the start and end values of the range are separated by a dash. 788 more words


Excel Functions and Formulas Get Substring, MID(), LEFT(), RIGHT()

In this article I will explain the functions MID(), LEFT(), RIGHT(). The main purpose of these functions is to return a certain number of characters (substring) from a text. 346 more words


SQL - Remove special Characters from string

I had a requirement to eliminate all the special characters except alphabets and numbers. The traditional way to handle it REPLACE( REPLACE( ‘#My &String’, ‘!’, ” ), ‘#’, ” ) 444 more words