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Paradox - John Meaney (2000)

‘With its vast subterranean cities and extraordinary organic technologies, Nulapeiron is a world unlike any other. However, such wonders mean little to the majority of its inhabitants, ruled over by despotic Logic Lords and the Oracles, supra-human beings whose ability to truecast the future maintains the status quo. 522 more words


City Wonder 8

What do you make of this image? Where does it take you?

City Wonder (introduction/all posts) is a series of visual meditations on the city, exploring themes like creativity, ecology and decay/renewal. 44 more words

Written By Arthur


A disused rail track in south Paris;
A dark tunnel;
Crawling, wading, through water
To a dank chamber with vaulted ceilings.
This is where the cataphiles meet; 99 more words


And how are you supposed to do that? I wonder.

Morning pages kick me in the gut.

“pay attention to your emotional reactions without necessarily acting on your feeling” 83 more words


'Sonic Highways' Is Impressive, But Where's The Love Letter?

Album: Sonic Highways
Artist: Foo Fighters
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 10 November 2014
Official Website: FooFighters.com

Diagnosis: Sonic Highways has become a big deal in the media, with its ambitious idea and HBO series to go along with it, easily making it the most anticipated album of the year. 562 more words