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Photo Diary :: Cassie Ramone + King Tuff

Basically an amazing night of music (although a bit marred by some asshole with a wedding ring who would NOT STOP TRYING TO FLIRT with me during Tuffy’s set, but anyway, Cassie is awesome, Kyle is awesome, here are some pictures. 83 more words


Seniority for Sucking

Well, immense time lapsed since my last post; therefore, a lot changed as well… I quit my monotonous corporation job to work at a local coffee shop; I eat organically courtesy of the nearby farmers’ market; I focus on developing my art skill daily; I joined a modern dance company; I listen to local bands at fun venues. 506 more words

Subterranean - James Rollins

Superb thriller about a subterranean labyrinth containing wondrous riches and unseen dangers that could doom humanity. A team of investigators goes underground after another group of specialists fail to reappear.   32 more words


Francesca, continued

They never spoke. Not for the first twelve months, which actually covered one year and one month as one of them had to take December off as the third Saturday fell on an other world, as they called it in those circles, where obligations still did persist. 374 more words


The decision was made

that it would have to be quick and could not fail. And it worked, somehow, and some things are better left unsaid.


#Poem Underground Prayer

                    Underground Prayer
If you forgive those who fail  come thine, a whirlpool
      look out and forgive us  heaven, the power      
       get hit by the kingdom  daily bread, power     
          come for a new fool  amen, glory            
            hit, hit, forgive  daily glory            
        don't watch in heaven  forgive the glory      
            jump to the glory  tell evil and name us  
       the power, the braille  the glory, amen        
           deliver the father             
       the fool, the cheaters  *                      
          the glory in heaven          
      our heaven, a whirlpool  And the losers forgive 
              an army, a jump  forgive as bread       
          temptation hallowed  hallowed name          
          hallowed and jailed  hang against name      
                  glory daily  the name is done       
                power to evil  forgive the glory      
                forgive daily  amen, the hallowed     
           forgive we forgive  as ever, get name      
         hang 'round, be evil  done name, hit losers  
           forgive the losers  hang from done daily   
       thy name, a temptation  from meters, get power 
        be evil 'gainst glory  the bread, hang daily  
            forgive the glory  and ever forgive us    
        be power 'gainst will  hit us, hang us        
                ever is thine  forgive us temptation  
                       ever and ever

this is an edited cutup of stanza 3 Subterranean Homesick Blues 
     (Bob Dylan) and the KJ version of the Lord's Prayer.

The weird afterlife of the world's subterranean 'ghost stations'

The weird afterlife of the world’s subterranean ‘ghost stations’

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