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how can I use new Toolbar features (such as logo, title,subtitle,navigation button,etc) in Dialog Fragment

I’m working with Dialog Fragment in that I want to open Dialog from button in main Activity. And that Dialog with Toolbar (which is newly added in Android L) which contain Logo, Title, Sub Title, Toolbar button, etc. 30 more words

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Happy Noodle - Episodes 21-30

Hello again ^^ Here’s the next batch of episodes. Down to the final stretch! Let’s see if I can’t translate, edit, time, and QC 10 episodes in about 16 days time… o.o;; 36 more words


A New My Fair Princess Huan Zhu Ge

PAL and ntsc are two different video formats used by different countries and regions of the world. ntsc is mainly used in the US, Japan and Canada, while PAL is used in Europe and Africa. 328 more words