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Ten Frame - Early Math Activities

  A ‘Ten Frame” is a frame consisting of 10 spaces.  Using a ten frame to teach math skills can be beneficial for the following reasons: 233 more words


Practice Makes Perfect- Mastering Our Math Facts

8+9=?????? Our scholars must know basic math facts like they know their names. The sum is 17  -no fingers allowed  :)

We have been exploring different ways to add using the… 161 more words


Subtraction Strategies

Great ideas for teaching subtraction strategies in 2nd and 3rd grade.  The actual structure is good for all grades.  Notice how she frames the problems on the board, this is a great way to jumpstart mathematical conversations about strategies. 6 more words

Mathematical Thinking

'NCCalc7' Will Let You Add a Calculator Widget to Notification Center in iOS 7

NCCalc7 is a new Notification Center widget for iOS 7 that has been released in Cydia for free by iOS developer gio00 that lets you add a Calculator widget to Notification Center, as shown above. 70 more words

Decimal Subtraction

Subtraction of numbers involving decimals is fairly straightforward, it’s just the application of things we’ve already covered but we’ll work through an example anyway.

We start the process by subtracting the whole number parts and then the decimal parts just like we did in decimal addition. 140 more words



Overshooting is a very intuitive technique that many people stumble upon but given the subject of this blog it is worth quickly mentioning. The concept is straightforward, if you are faced with an awkward subtraction that you are having difficulty with then you simply subtract a number which is bigger than the number and is convenient, e.g. 439 more words


Where do these people come from? Do you think they could complete the challenges below?

Next week we will be finding out about an ancient civilization with fantastic stories to tell! In Maths we will be looking at a method to help us subtract two 3 digit numbers… what method would you use? 79 more words