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Mathematical Operations in the Biblical Text - part 1

The Bible is true. It is the inspired Word of God. The mathematics used in this historical and literary work must then also be part of a consistent, correct, true system. 1,176 more words

Biblical Contexts

A Tale of Two Chairs

In lecture we have started our descent into the wonderful world of 3D design and we kicked it off talking about shape and volume, and what these mean in terms of production processes. 281 more words


Learning Overview

In another busy week children have planned and written their very own lost toy stories accompanied by some fantastic illustrations. Our stories were inspired by the new book we looked at called ‘Dogger’. 285 more words


The Keys to Binary

“There are only 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

We as humans use what I would call the ‘normal’ numbers at school or at work, in just about everything. 683 more words


Only Distractions

All of my actions are only distractions 

To occupy my thoughts from my time subtraction. 

Sooner or later I’ll be left with a fraction

Of the pie I began with.  19 more words


Subtraction in algebra - let's use algebra !

I have seen some heavy handed ways of explaining the identity

a – (b + c) = a – b – c

Let us use algebra. 103 more words


Numbers 1-10

Numbers 1-10

Counting from one

Early numeracy is very important for your child before they start school and in the first months of schooling life. Your child will need to  learn and be able to count a set objects/items by counting from one e.g. 590 more words