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Tricks on subtraction of two rational numbers

Tricks on subtraction of two rational numbers

1. Subtracting a rational number is equal to adding the opposite number.


 -4-(-3) is equal to -4 + (+3): +3 is the opposite number of -3. 79 more words

Subtraction - Using objects

Today we began our learning about the concept of subtractions! We practiced counting backwards with this fun video:

We also used our problem solving strategy – “I can use objects to solve problems” 21 more words


Pirate Subtraction

Today we started learning about subtraction in maths. The Daisies LOVED this pirate video. So, here is the link to watch at home!


Mini lesson Reflection

I spent a lot of time thinking about my mini lessons. There are several concepts in math I feel very anxious about teaching, due to the fact I am not sure how to explain them to another person. 460 more words


15 Ways to Learn with Play Food

So you’ve got a little kitchen set for your kiddo. ¬†Here are some ways to learn with all that plastic food (you know, instead of just tripping over it)…. 250 more words


Math problems with fractions

This week we learned about working with fractions. There are some methods that I found particularly helpful when working with fractions. Perhaps they’ll be useful to you, my reader, as well. 210 more words


Addition and subtraction of integers

This week, I found a new way to add and subtract which is more effective that the way I was taught when I was younger. It is also much better when considering negatives. 254 more words