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Pickup line 4

He had kept the jig saw  a little too long.  Two kinds of embarassment were at the root of that.  One, he wasn’t exactly the most skilled with hand tools and wasn’t sure he had gotten the blood off from his clumsy attempt at a weekend project.   415 more words

Day 33 - Final Days In Chi-Town

(Catch up post: Day 33 was 6 October)

I rested a little and tried to catch up on sleep. I’m staying at the Warwick Allerton Hotel just off Magnificent Mile and the room service food is soooo good. 385 more words

Lone Travel

Pickup line, 2

He was out way too late.

His head told him that.  The bags under his eyes would tell everybody else.

He shouldn’t have gone out.  It didn’t make sense to.   331 more words

Entertainment: Watch Kangaroos Kickbox in Australian Suburb

Kangaroo Jack is fed up!

Imagine waking up to take out the trash and you see two kangaroos boxing in the street in front of your house. 96 more words