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Where The Wild Birds Are

File this away as “surprising but not shocking”. A new book by John Marzluff, “Welcome to Subirdia” explains bird diversity in a series of Northern hemisphere settings that most people are familiar with: city, suburbs, and forested/ wild areas. 272 more words


Lone Sunflower on the Curb - Artist in the Burbs

Do you see the portrait I took of  lonely little sunflower on the curb? It might as well be my self portrait. I’m an artist- or at least I try to be – and I live in the suburbs. 298 more words


Lice of the Party

“You still have a fever. You can’t go to the party.”

“But daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, daaaaaaaaaaaaaady, everyone will be there. It’s my first sleepover party. You’re so mean. 780 more words


You can take the family out of Richmond...

I first posted this in 2011 on Nick Maxwell’s blog, and secondly (with additions) on the footy almanac site. Here is my third posting, with further updates! 2,331 more words


Fifty Shades of Gray Paint

Scene: A dark, nightlight-lit bedroom deep in the heart of suburbia. One slightly graying, nearing 50 man. One used-to-be gray, now professionally dyed woman. One hypo-allergenic dog perched on the edge of the bed. 642 more words