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From Scratch: Sweet and Tart Cranberry Pie

We have been so wrapped up in the Homestead Renovation, that I have completely neglected to post any recipes lately.

This a cranberry walnut pie that came across my newsfeed on FaceBook, I changed it up a bit and it was a huge hit with everyone! 91 more words


Renovation Update: Kitchen Progress and Closets

Last we left the kitchen, the cabinets were just starting to emerge from the boxes.  Now, only a week and a half later, it is almost complete and fully functional! 86 more words


Renovation Update: Couches, MORE Foam and Kitchen Cabinets

JW and I have been up at the house almost every day, accepting deliveries and moving in boxes.  We are so close to being done that the hubs has been spending some nights there to get the last of the projects done after work. 119 more words


Today's Harvest

The metal bowl contains 5 pounds of Jerusalem Artichokes (aka Sunchokes).  I’ll make a soup tonight, and next week will feature Sunchokes fried in Sage Butter, and Roasted Sunchokes (perhaps with Blue Potatoes). 102 more words

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Olla Irrigation/Groundcover Project

I enjoy listening to Permaculture podcasts while I am driving, or performing menial tasks at work.  I am always picking up interesting new factoids and discovering new possibilities.  591 more words

Suburban Homestead

Renovation Update: Finished Flooring, Bathroom and Basement

Here are some new pictures from the house!

The bathroom is functional, so we can say goodbye to the porter potty, yay!

The shower head and faucet have also been installed. 52 more words


In the Garden

It looks like we are going to get a second crop of artichokes this year.  Last year we only got them in the spring.  Has anyone else gotten artichokes in both the Spring & Fall from the same plants?

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