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2015-01-13 #France #Creteil #lac #AtelierSousReserve #sunset...

2015-01-13 #France #Creteil #lac #AtelierSousReserve #sunset #lake #landscape #cityscape #suburbs #travel #SamePlace #DifferentTime #iPhone (à gaelic)


1966 Pontiac GTO

Having just finished engineering school, a 24-year-old John Cutts was in need of some transportation. The year was 1964 and the day happened to be Halloween. 38 more words


Where Young College Grads Are Heading?

Boston, New York, San Francisco are traditional meccas for recent college graduates in the USA, but now other cities are attracting young young alumni seeking jobs in a variety of fields. 199 more words

The Library Seduction

After living on my own for the better part of 6 years it has been a harsh adjustment moving back with my middle-aged parents into my childhood house. 758 more words

And you let her go

A month or two after my second child was born, my husband and I sat outside in our tiny, concrete backyard listening to the hum of cars on the avenue and the early cicadas chirping in the wooded cemetery across the street. 621 more words

Maybe Millennials Don’t Want to Live in Cities After All

The accepted wisdom about millennials is that they shun the suburbs for the cities. They want to be in urban cores next to easily accessible public transportation options that allow them to seamlessly hit up bars, restaurants and any space with wi-fi. 193 more words