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Still He Rides

Jesse rides through the night under the Main Street light ridin’ slow. This is his escape. It is how he clears his mind. He needed to get away, to get out, to forget. 386 more words


William Henry Harrison Tomb

I used to blog about graveyards. I promise that’s not actually weird. I’m fascinated by the symbols on gravestones and drawn in by the peaceful quiet. 230 more words


Costco uh Oh

Costco Baby
greed feeds the seed
we can never satisfy the

of cheaper and cheaper
I’m a truth seeker
but I’m too blind to see… 217 more words

Hanging on

August is virtually gone, but it seems that winter is still hanging on with all its might.  Fotunately, in spite of a threatening daybreak, we had no rain today. 70 more words

Are The Suburbs Killing You?

I’m sure you’ve thought about the effect your genetics, diet, and level of exercise have on your health, but what about where you live? A recent study of 24 cities in California looked at how the design of street networks affected levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. 607 more words

Difficulty 1