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#Ukraine: Time for a Hybrid War Against #Russia?

Alexander J. Motyl, World Affairs Journal.

Should Ukraine embark on a “hybrid war” against the Donbas enclave controlled by Russia and its proxies? One of Ukraine’s best military analysts, Yuri Butusov, the Russian-speaking editor of the… 754 more words


Three detained for distributing Hunger Games tickets

Source: Channel NewsAsia, 11/20/2014

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s tough stance on critics of his government has redefined sedition in Thailand, and going to watch the Hunger Games movie or holding academic conferences could be considered acts of subversion. 450 more words


Version Control: Are You Using It?

I’ve mentioned before that computer science is not software engineering (and I will almost certainly mention it again). Alas, the confusion of the two in popular imagination leads to the assumption that by the end of a computer science degree, you will know how to do certain things, and one of those things is “use version control”. 1,127 more words


Questions. Episode 1

When thinking about collaborating with Jenni on a dissertation….

How do we quantify or document our verbal conversation?  Do we do this only through reflections? 162 more words


I didn’t have to kill him, I have an issue you see.

I let him have it, six times with the krooklok – all with glee. 173 more words


The Method of Totalitarian Rule

- is to destroy ALL lateral communications and affiliations, and replace them with Top-Down control.


Many cults perfected this.

Destruction of sexual relationships and family ties are critical to the process. 128 more words