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Change can be as simple as a Scribble on a Blank Sheet of Paper

At least this is the mental script I’ve been taught by a mom that I work with.

She has embarked on a lifelong journey to guide and support her amazing little boy through first grade of school. 1,798 more words


How to get ready for organic chemistry

Dear Organic Chemistry Student,

With only a month until the fall semester begins, your professors are getting ready. We’re writing syllabi, reviewing textbooks, writing presentations, planning exam dates, compiling lab manuals, meeting, talking, and waiting for you to arrive. 452 more words

Science And Teaching

Learning From Pigeons

During an experiment, pigeons were put in cages with one green and one red button. In one cage, if the birds pecked the green button they would get food every time. 220 more words


Day 315 - Crawl If I Have To

It’s the attitude that saves a man
from lying down and dying,
saves a heart from ceasing,
saves a soul from fading,

that I would rather hurt than quit, 91 more words


When you feel like giving up- Q and A Sessions

Don’t you let them win.

It is EASY, so easy to give up especially when you have come so far. But, don’t because what is worth having comes in a hard way because it lasts long. 222 more words



When I was a little kid, I was in the majorettes. The Outlane Drum Majorettes to be precise.

And we were good. We always placed in the top three every competition. 173 more words


Be Phenomenal

For all of us who have to wonder if we’ll make the next step:

Journey Of 1000 Miles