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What Will Happen if?

“What will happen if?”, is one of the hardest questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis, isn’t it?
How does it make you feel when you ask yourself that question? 249 more words


Using Habits to be Productive

Creating good habits sets you up for success.

The way I see it, it’s like putting your car on the tracks at a car wash. Initially you have to accelerate to get the car moving & steer to line it up on the proper tracks, but once it’s there it’s all smooth sailing and it becomes essentially effortless. 468 more words

Do You Know The Best Exercises To Burn Fat And Lose Weight?

Do You Know The Best Exercises To Burn Fat And Lose Weight?


There are tons of exercises you can look up and get started with, but the real secret to an excellent exercise routine lies in finding what will work right for you. 457 more words


Out of the Darkness: Chapter 3 Discussion

The child finally has been installed by his master into the place he is deemed to fit. He quickly acclimates to the new situation, and is not left long to wonder what exactly is expected of him now. 1,500 more words


The 5 questions you must answer to be successful in 2015

Though the sun slowly sets on the year 2014; most companies and professionals are already focused on 2015. Though we measure our accomplishments by fiscal month and year; success is best measured day by day. 355 more words

Introduction to Polishing and Buffing with the Chemical Guys Detailing Team

Being able to learn hands-on polishing at a professional level is a truly incredible experience for anyone. Todays Hands-On Buffing & Polishing Basics class started off to an amazing start with yet another sold out class. 249 more words