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Fesa's Thoughts on Aging

How do you define “Successful Aging” in relation to your aging

Successful aging for me is that your mental and spiritual perception in life is equal to…

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Fabulous Felomena

         For me, successful aging denotes to a healthy well-being; physical, mental, social, psychological and spiritual aspects. They can still maintain a good health, avoid disorder and remain active and independent. 438 more words

Old Age

This Just In . . . Be Prepared

Vanity Post

While my wife and I have eight grandchildren, and we love each and every one, today we are celebrating a cover girl. Our youngest, only one year old, was selected and appears on this cover. 1,188 more words

Lane Community College's Successful Aging Institute

Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon area has their own Successful Aging Institute, complete with training for “encore careers,” exercise courses, crafting courses, a class on dealing with your best friend getting Alzheimer’s Disease, and many more. 31 more words


Climate Change vs. Culture Change

Climate Change vs. Culture Change

If you turn on your television or radio and I guarantee it won’t be long before you hear someone bring up the subject of climate change. 957 more words


Don't Get Scammed

Don’t Get Scammed

Wow, you just won a free Caribbean cruise. Not only that, you were just informed you won a lottery. This must be your lucky day! 764 more words

Size Matters

Size Matters

Throughout elementary school I was always the tallest kid in my classes. I do remember one day in 5th grade when several of my classmates came running down to the playground where our basketball team was practicing (I was the center) and excitedly told me a new kid had just registered who was taller than me. 447 more words