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Three Basic Principles to Wealth Creation.

This post is going to read like one long cliché but it is very necessary because while clichés are often repeated they are also quickly forgotten. 318 more words

We've All BeenThat Dog That Walked 30 Miles! (dealing with rejection)

Thousands of us around the world fell head over paws in love with  Lady, the gorgeous, greying Lab who walked almost 30 miles, despite being arthritic, to be re-united with her second family, who were unable to take her back. 734 more words

Successful Living

Problems today

What kind of problems are we experiencing today? At home, in the good old USA, it’s the same old stuff. Nobody is satisfied with their lives and they want something that everyone around them has, only they don’t want to work for it or have to pay for it. 469 more words


Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Taking advantage of that one opportunity that can change your entire life can be a very daunting task and should be faced with courage and common sense. 554 more words

Give me today and I will live

It’s been a while since my last post, but boy have I been busy! I know I had mentioned in my last post that it might be a week or two before you’d hear from me…but I didn’t expect the super-speedy fast lane of life! 415 more words

Living To The Fullest

Do you want to live?

This is a question that is hardly asked of us in our daily lives. It is one you hear occasionally in movies, which makes it mildly entertaining. 676 more words


A Well-Lived Life

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Cedric Johnson, Ph.D and Kristine MacKain, Ph.D

(Originally published in 2011)

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” – Jung… 303 more words