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Yikes! I'm ..erm.. getting on a bit!

So, it’s my birthday today!

A ‘significant’ birthday!

Not quite time to ‘wear purple with a red hat which doesn’t go,’ [Jenny Jones] and we won’t need the fire brigade on standby when we light the cake candles. 594 more words

Successful Living

Many opportunities

We all have many opportunities to make money or to leave a legacy for our family and friends, but do we take advantage of them? The previous post pointed to something which I believe will help, but very few people seem to be interested in it. 286 more words


Are You Living for Your Resume or for Your Eulogy?

I happen to have a 30-minute break in between classes last night and my language student introduced me to this TED.com website. I came across this very short talk by David Brooks that left me thinking – am I living for my resume or for my eulogy? 408 more words

Ask The Nurse

My philosophy on being successful, marketing yourself, and living a life of significance

Have you ever felt that everyone else has found a way to be successful in life except for you? Like there’s some life secret you are missing out on, or some person you need to connect with? 810 more words

Thoughts And Life Lessons

Yeah for the weekend!

Ever wondered what successful people occupy themselves with on weekends? We all feel they work lots of overtime Monday to Friday, but what happens on Saturday and Sunday? 156 more words

Daily Living Tips

Bill Gates Quotes - His View About What Successful People Do

I recently wrote an article entitled, “9 Powerful But Simple Ways To Be A Success Without Spending A Dime” and since then, I must admit that more thoughts about success have evaded my mind. 1,221 more words



Martin Luther King understood forgiveness.

The Real Housewives don’t always seem to.

Those victims, pushed into the media spotlight by unfathomable, agonising crime, who publicly – and genuinely –  forgive the perpetrators. 635 more words

Successful Living