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What to expect and wear at a Fitness Assessment

What should YOU wear to my consultation?
Preferably wear some loose fitting clothing. We may need to perform a body fat composition test on you and it is much easier to pinch body fat thorough loose fitting clothes than through tight clothes. 521 more words

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“Oh Reuben, you like to argue a lot. I don’t know what your club has achieved yet you make noise about your club. I don’t know how successful you are to even talk about success. 1,029 more words


10 Proven Business Success Methods

One of the questions frequently asked by people wanting to succeed is: “Why are successful people successful?” My answer is always the same. “They are willing to do the things unsuccessful are not willing to do.” Naturally the question that follows is: “What are some of those things?” Below you will find 10 powerful ways to begin your own success. 560 more words


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Travel business video channel
If you love to travel and would like to be paid while you’re traveling then watch this to find out how to make a living…LIVING! 19 more words


How Do You Prepare For Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone & Succeeding?

Do you prepare for success? I know it sounds crazy, because we can plan, but who knows when it will it happen. If success lies outside our comfort zones, and we cannot plan when success will occur, is there anything we can do to be prepared before stepping out? 407 more words


8 Small Habits for Big Success

We are what we repeatedly do.

Then, in order to be successful we need to develop successful habits.

Here are a few small, but powerful ones, which if practiced with consistency, can become the pillar of your success: 320 more words