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Nobody's demon bride

Have you ever had one of those dreams in which you are certain you are awake but cannot move? I had this type of dream, always very similar, a dozen times over a period of three or four years when I was living in the sticks. 242 more words

Second Life Fashion


carnivorous caloric chatter


The Succubus I call Ms. Banshee

My math teacher is a fox spirit in my eyes.
A benevolent and mischievous soul, seducing her prey and entirely entrancing him.
He can only ever watch her, he forgets to eat and sleep, he becomes so drained and lifeless as he is hopelessly in love. 99 more words


Nevan - Devil May Cry 3

Now I know Nevan is not a historical myth/legend, however I was waiting for the game to download when I thought to myself, what is she based on? 420 more words

Auntie Doris's Book Club #8: "Ghost Sex - The Violation" by G L Davies

I’ll tell you one thing for nothing. There’s some rum ruddy goings on in Wales, which is where this book is set. I’ll tell you something else an’all. 560 more words


The hidden astral world series – Incubi and Succubi part two - Your responsibilities.

The follow series of blogs will contain some very disturbing and, for many, frightening information. I find myself in the unique situation of being able to pass on uncommon knowledge.  427 more words

Astral Worlds

We be live!

It’s September 8th and that means publishing day!

The Steel City has never been colder for Rick and Mina. On the rebound, they’ve spent the last three months doing nothing but sparring and killing monsters. 30 more words