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Terry Maggert's A Bride of Salt and Stars Release Day Launch

Title: A Bride of Salt and Stars

Author: Terry Maggert

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Cover Design: Amalia Chitulescu

From a secret tomb beneath the ashes of a Mexican volcano, something has broken free. 369 more words

Concierge Literary Promotions

Succubus Disruption

The sweat does ooze
From pores too deep
The succubus
Disturbs my sleep
With fire and ice
She seeks to tempt
My righteous thoughts
To circumvent… 69 more words


Succubus Love & Jaded Chivalry

I don’t know what to say some days, but I guess I am flattered. Somehow the words come out, even when forced I know that the work in progress is way better than that other guy, the one I pretended was bulletproof, that was above everyone even though I crawled through the sewers. 943 more words


Incubus & Succubus: Erotic Dream or a Deviant Reality?

There are still a lot of people out there who haven’t heard of these lascivious creatures, while there are others who shun away from the sheer notion of them. 387 more words


Where I started out

So just as a little ‘to get to know me better’ I’ll post some things I made just prior to starting my studies. 13 more words

再醒パラドックス~True Administrator~ ~ Innocent Key

There are so many references about the character itself I wouldn’t have enough time to explain them all. Useless to say, if you want to fully understand these lyrics, you first need to know the character. 612 more words


Nobody's demon bride

Have you ever had one of those dreams in which you are certain you are awake but cannot move? I had this type of dream, always very similar, a dozen times over a period of three or four years when I was living in the sticks. 274 more words

Second Life Fashion