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Book release - Surrender Sweet Succubus - by Jewel Quinlan

New Release: Surrender Sweet Succubus by @JewelQuinlan

Blurb – When Dr. Stephen Wallace, a fertility specialist from Sydney Australia, is approached by his brother and sister-in-law for help conceiving a child there is no way he can refuse. 794 more words

Wonderful Words

A Killer Among Us...#MondayBlogs

A Succubus is a demon that takes human form. In legend, the succubus seduces her victims and slowly steals their health, their strength, and, ultimately, their lives. 475 more words


The Virtuous Vegan, a short story

A carnivorous ogre I am, a jackal of sorts.
A human coursing experiment fashioned by the gods themselves. More specifically, one of those people whose propensity for meat consumption can only be compared with some kind of mesozoic creature sporting tiny arms and large teeth. 1,094 more words

Little Monsters in Your Dreams

Amanda, six years of age, felt the sting of restlessness as she heard Stephanie tell her dream. They did that every week – they called it the “dream club,” where a bunch of school girls from the 3th grade met to tell each other their best dream of the week. 728 more words


Last night's hallucinations

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been prone to hypnopompic and hypnagogic hallucinations, which happen as you’re emerging from sleep or entering into it, respectively. 901 more words

Earlier Succubus Encounters

My first succubus encounter came many years ago, when I graduated from bootcamp. My family had driven down to spend the weekend with me, and the first night in the motel room, I was so exhausted, so I slept hard and long. 271 more words

Prayer to Lilith

The other night I layed down and I thanked and prayed to Lilith.  I dont know why but I felt the need to thank and acknowledge her.  103 more words