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January 23, Boy Next Door

in two days time
you will be somebody else completely
you will shed your skin
like a snake
leave it in the undergrowth
of the woodlands near your home… 47 more words


Exposed Hunger Part 11

Amber woke pinned to the bed sweating slightly. Ian’s head was resting on her chest his mouth open breathing softly. Each breath whispered across her swollen nipple making it harden with a pinch of pain. 1,899 more words


10 Ways To Stop Sucking So Much

In the spirit of the New Year, when the way you were all of last year suddenly isn’t good enough anymore, here are 10 things that you can (probably) do today to feel better about yourself, earn more money, and burn belly fat. 1,568 more words

Human breast Milk Pasteurized, Homogenized, Ionised, Certified

Now for your exotic acquired taste, our breast milk is naturally milked from 1st born under 20 years.

This yummy milk is sold by blood groups, all mother’s are screen for, DNA Excellency, Beauty, Intellect, Immune System, Physical Perfection etc. 194 more words


He ran a tight ship, a very tight ship and he enjoyed the sexual variety that he had been given the opportunity to sample. These ladies were lovely and every one of them loved their master. 542 more words

Erotic Fantasy Life

On sucking

Dot writes: this is a response to Stephen Scott’s post Does Your Taste in Music Suck?. I wrote a long self-indulgent comment that probably demonstrated the answer in my case is yes, and which also recapped in many ways… 541 more words

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