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S is for Sucking, Sex, and Slut

I am getting a bit risqué lately, don’t you think? I’ve talked about needles, orgies, and prostitution, so it shouldn’t surprise you that today I am going to write about sex! 156 more words


4 penis banged me

Hey, I am Seena from Mysore. I am 28 year old housewife who now lives in UK. I am regular reader of Sucksex and I thank site owner for this platform. 28 more words

Sexual -I-N-Ging

by Kristie LeVangie

I’ve done some things my life. I’m by no means a prude.

I’ll be the first to admit, somewhat sheepishly however, that I’ve been around the block once, twice…maybe even, 200 times. 370 more words

Sex And Relationships

World is a Vampire

I should start this post by apologizing to the few people who follow my blog. You might have liked the idea of the project that I’ve been working on, or maybe you were interested in one particular topic that I discussed… Either way, you surely didn’t want to follow a “ghost blog” with no new posts… 259 more words

Who doesn't appreciate a blowjob?

I’m a guy. I like head. What man doesn’t love getting his dick sucked!?

Sometimes I like it to be quick. Other times a nice, long, slow suck is in order. 140 more words


The weight of pressure

I played Kunkka today.
I failed really hard.

There are actually no complex reasons for me not to fail with Kunkka (and any hero, to be honest). 420 more words

Giving My First Blowjob

I gave my very first blow job when I was 17 years old. He was my age and we hardly knew each other. I’m actually pretty sure we met through MySpace, but let’s not talk about that. 619 more words