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The 3 Reasons I Love Having Two Jobs

No one likes to admit it, but the main reason that most people work is to make money. They might give some bull shit excuse about how they love what they do, but in actuality they probably just hate their job as much as the rest of Earth’s human population. 216 more words


Toe Sucking 101

I’m intrigued by toe sucking, though my experience with it is minimal but pleasurable.  Drew went down on me in a hotel room and then in the throes of ecstasy, he turned his attention to my feet and sucked my toes.  286 more words


Blow jobs

Obviously, it’s each to their own and all that but I can never understand girls who don’t like giving blow jobs! I fucking love it! There’s nothing better than being able to do something that turns your man on so much!!! 197 more words


The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

In trying to convince myself that I should compete in BJJ again, I’ve been thinking about my lack of confidence. Not that I ever had a… 495 more words


The Tinder Match

I decided to get back on Tinder for shits and giggles and perhaps find somebody who I can have regular fun with and who knows, perhaps something more? 2,370 more words

Just went out late night, and meet up with John. He’s an amazing kisser. the way he dips down, leans in pulls you to his lips and then allows you to respond to his tongue omg hot. 221 more words