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I organized my produce drawer!

I organized my produce drawer today, and it made me feel great. I have spinach, escarole, greens, lemons, half a tomato, mint, basil, and a half-inch of ginger. 321 more words


The sugar high myth

When little Johnny chases two slices of birthday cake with a can of soda then does cartwheels for half an hour, the explanation is simple: He has a sugar high, right? 243 more words


The big names in sugar

Sucrose and high fructose corn syrup are the big names when it comes to sugars.  Sucrose, of course, because it is table sugar; the disaccharide that we use in our home baked treats.  542 more words


Sugar Chemistry of Hard Candies

Old-fashioned candy-making is a fascinating spectacle, if one ever gets the opportunity to watch. Fortunately, the Internet is full of videos like this one, which shows how hard candies (specifically, candy canes) are made by hand: 771 more words

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Vanilla Rose Cupcakes

Vanilla Rose Cupcakes

It was the frosting on these that I was mad to do. I saw it on either Instagram or on Pinterest! When an opportunity arose to make them I went for it. 346 more words

A Sweet Guide To Scary Sugar

Now that we’ve got fat out of the way, it’s sugars turn! Unlike fat, sugar is nasty stuff, promoting inflammation, oxidative stress, glycation, free radicals, and the “bad” type of cholesterol. 1,162 more words


Cupcakes, tea and freeze-drying antivenom: All things sucrose has a use for.

Antivenom, the only treatment for snakebites, is stored and transported in a freeze-dried form.  Sucrose and two sugar alcohols were tested for stability and effectiveness when freeze-drying snake antivenoms by… 228 more words