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Sucrose has different effects from glucose on satiety hormones and brain reward circuit

From EurekaAlerts:


Brain reward circuits respond differently to 2 kinds of sugar

Phoenix, AZ (December 10th, 2014) – The brain responds differently to two kinds of sugar, according to a report today at the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology annual meeting in Phoenix Arizona.

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Brain Reward Circuit

Sugar uses around the globe

Dark brown and tainted cream blends of geometric patterns coil up to the broad head of the B. asper snake that lurks in the tropical climate of Brazil; the natives call it Teciopelo, or velvet.   1,002 more words


Australian director's 60 day sugar diet

Ten years after American director Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, where Spurlock’s diet consisted of only McDonald’s food for a month, Australian actor and filmmaker Damon Gameau is using a similar approach with “healthy” foods. 299 more words


Comedian Calls for Added Sugar Content

A view count of more than 3.8 million is nestled under the video of John Oliver measuring sugar content in candy circus peanuts. Oliver called out the sugar industry a few days before Halloween on his HBO program… 356 more words


SugarScience. No, you're not reading it wrong

The soda tax initiative in San Francisco didn’t pass this election term, but that isn’t stopping scientists at the University of California, San Francisco from fighting the battle on sugar with the launch of the new public education site, … 286 more words


Berkeley versus Big Soda, Round One

Score one for public health associations in battle with soda companies in California this election midterm.  The first soda tax in the United States was passed with a 75 percent vote in Berkeley, California after a millions-of-dollars fight with the beverage industry, according to… 178 more words


Sugary facts :-)

Everyone loves sugar,here is your chance to know more facts about sugar that nonone has ever told you about.

  1. Crystallized sugar has been around a long time…
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