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Sugar Shock

Yikes, how was I to know I’m addicted to sugar?  I thought I was doing fine by eating tons of veggies, making reasonable food choices, and giving myself one sugar treat per day.  425 more words

Self Healing

Sugar Belly-Nutrition Action-Berkeley!

When I got my juicer, I started looking at how to assemble the perfect juice, and everyone says do not put loads and loads of fruit in it!!! 164 more words

Research Research Research

Do you even know what High Fructose Corn Syrup is?

….Well, do you? What do you know truly about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? What have you heard about it?

You probably have heard this– AVOID HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! 418 more words


What's Up with Sneaky Sugars? Knowing Secret Sugar Names

What Are Added Sugars?

Sugars are a type of carbohydrate sometimes called “simple carbohydrates”. Sugars occur naturally in many foods, especially fruits, but manufacturers also add sugars to most processed foods these days, because people seem to buy more sweet foods. 280 more words



Professor Ray Lemieux -

Professor Lemieux was the first scientist to chemically synthesize sucrose, more commonly known as table sugar. This achievement in 1953 caused the commodities market to dip until it was realized that only 34 milligrams of material had been made. 443 more words