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Numerous marine microorganisms secrete enzymes which can provide new insights and understanding of enzymes. Marine microorganisms have been attracting more attention as source for novel enzymes. 125 more words

Sugar Sugar Sugar and More Sugar

Should we ignore what scientists and nutritionists say about sugar and just have a good time enjoying candy, cakes, sodas, alcohol, energy drinks etc after all we have to have a good time in life and enjoy and that includes having parties and how can we party without sodas, cocktails, cakes, alcoholic drinks, sweets etc? 344 more words

Honey, To Break Up or Not?

I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to make my meals a lot healthier; few years ago I decided to stop taking sugar in my teas, and cereals, from that moment, I developed a passionate romance with honey, but just this morning, I came across this write-up which has threatened the very foundation of my love for honey! 433 more words

Shawn: Red Bull's Wings

Now that the work week has slowed down, I’d like to take a moment to speak briefly on the beloved can of Red Bull. Personally, many years ago, I had a borderline addiction with the stuff and in turn it truly messed up my internal system for some time. 720 more words


Someone should make it easy to buy low-fructose sugars

As any sensible part of the internet will tell you, fructose is bad news, so I won’t go to great lengths to convince you here. 435 more words


Healthy Baking - Part 1 Sugar

How do you make a baked good healthier?

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately. Baking is one of my favorite childhood pastimes, and one of my favorite ways to stay warm in winter. 1,330 more words

Investigation: Does Drinking Red Bull Make You Run Faster?

Running Elixir?

A couple of people have recommended drinking a can of Red Bull before a race for a bit of an extra kick. The trick apparently is to pour it out in to a bottle and shake vigorously, releasing all the bubbles to give you a belch free run! 627 more words