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PSTS Let's Play Killer7: Episode 20 - Say Goodbye to These!

The Killer7 get their last hit, supposedly, and it takes them to a place they’d never expect: a prestigious elementary school. Well, Jeff and J.D. expect it, but they can’t agree on the reason why the trip is memorable. 7 more words

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Flower, Sun and Rain... initial impressions

Flower, Sun and Rain is a game for the Nintendo DS published by studio Suda 51… responsible for Killer Seven and No More Heroes. The intro segment takes place with Mondo riding his car through a tunnel¬†and explaining his career and his assignment. 376 more words

Lollipop Chainsaw Part I: Violent, Outrageous and Hysterical!

Lollipop Chainsaw produced by Suda 51, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Warner Brothers Studios

In the previous post, I discussed my infatuation with Shadows of the Damned, an artistic and eclectic video game produced by Suda 51. 1,153 more words


Shadows of the Damned by Suda 51 & Grasshopper Manufacture

Over the past couple of days, I’ve recently discovered my new favourite game; Shadows of the Damned¬†features incredible visual aesthetics and a disturbing, yet complex narrative that is almost impossible to forget. 969 more words


PSTS Let's Play Killer7: Episode 17 - The BUTTON Mash

This city is a maze and it appears to be on purpose. Jeff and J.D. only know if they’re going the right way because enemies keep popping up in new and exciting places. 8 more words

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