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Life and Death and Saturday

Oh Darling,

Here we are, another Saturday.  Here I am, looking at any number of things I have scattered about the house trying to will myself to organize them and straighten them into some semblance of sense.   1,473 more words


Who's the pilot?

Life, generally, has moments of autopilot. We all get busy and don’t have time to process what moment just happened because the next event or obligation arrives so quickly.   710 more words



My nephew’s name was Lukas. He was eleven months old and, like all babies, he was perfect. He was my brother’s first biological child, my sister-in-law’s first son, and my parents’ first biological grandbaby. 194 more words


I'm All Shook Up!!

Starting this blog and participating in the capture your grief project has really stirred things up inside me. In fact, it skewed my ability to even write my post yesterday. 807 more words


Let the adventure begin

I’m not real sure where this is going to take me but its been on my mind for some time now.  See, I don’t truly have a clue what I am doing with writing all my thoughts down and sharing them with the world but I figure, what is there to lose? 1,040 more words


Something Very Far Away

How do I begin to describe this show and this story?

Words will not quite do it justice – and that’s probably why the show itself is wordless – but I’ll try. 634 more words