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Editing the sudoers file in Redhat based systems

If you have ever freshly installed a CentOS or a RedHat based system then it is quite possible that you have encountered that you cannot execute system level commands, even when you use sudo. 398 more words


[Workaround] Plasma5 session fails to start !

This is basically, a note to myself. I’ve been facing a lot of troubles recently, with the my installation of plasma5(which I happen to run on Kubuntu 14.10 Tech Preview, which was released with known bugs). 1,201 more words


setup iptable rules for transmission (torrents)

Without further addo, here it is, a working example how to configure iptables to allow transmission torrents to internet (udp 51413) + transmission remote RPC (tcp 9091, localnetwork only) + ssh (tcp 22, localnetwork only). 8 more words


World's Most Secure Personal Computing Devices: Powered By Touch ID for the Mac

I love 1Password. I have unique passwords for just about everything. Crazy passwords like P8Pfxxw3zngDeH.

1Password, while not perfect but pretty close to it, works well, despite the fact that as my master repository of passwords I also have some crazy password for it, although I do go the pronounceable route, which I hear is less secure. 279 more words


text manipulation: lines to columns and other goodies

Have a look at the power of the “paste” comand – it just solves a bunch of situations with ease, and its litle known… transpose pair a lines into 2 columns, etc… 21 more words



1. Runing the last command as Root

sudo !!

Also if you want to open some file to make changes and right when want to save it, you realise that you forgot to open it as root, there is nothing to worry.

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Linux Foray and Today's Delay

After hours of bothering Agba‘s life, i was finally able to get a Linux OS (Ubuntu GNOME 14.04) working on my computer. But i have to say (at least for now) with the Linux OS, there are more problems than solutions. 197 more words