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(Leetcode) Sudoku Solver

Write a program to solve a Sudoku puzzle by filling the empty cells.

Empty cells are indicated by the character ‘.’.

You may assume that there will be only one unique solution. 322 more words


#16- Life is like a sudoku...

I love playing sudoku.

Every day in the local paper I will flip right to the page where the sudoku (and word jumble) is and will work on it relentlessly until it’s finished correctly. 281 more words

JAVA program to solve 9x9 Sudoku

package com.algo.random.sudokusolve;

public class SolveSudoku {

int[][] matrix = new int[4][4];

public static int UNASSIGNED = 0;

public boolean solveSudoku(int[][] matrix) {
// Width of the submatrix… 337 more words


WTF Sudoku

Not sure what the target audience for this magazine is supposed to be.


Puzzle No. 494 : Inner Tripods Sudoku [Daily League] [Invasion]

Greetings from another universe! After the Prasanna from your universe wrote a contest for LMI based on a few variants from our universe, the Inter-Dimension Puzzle Wizard notified me of the same. 249 more words


Spheroku Review

Ever wondered what would happen if Sudoku and Rubik’s cube come together, well you will get Spheroku.

Spheroku is a radical next step in the evolution of sudoku puzzle. 258 more words