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Puzzle No. 494 : Inner Tripods Sudoku [Daily League] [Invasion]

Greetings from another universe! After the Prasanna from your universe wrote a contest for LMI based on a few variants from our universe, the Inter-Dimension Puzzle Wizard notified me of the same. 249 more words


Spheroku Review

Ever wondered what would happen if Sudoku and Rubik’s cube come together, well you will get Spheroku.

Spheroku is a radical next step in the evolution of sudoku puzzle. 258 more words


Sudoku solver in R

I did lots of business modelling and that sort of thing in my first job, which involved using Excel. There was a Sudoku craze at the time, and I made a spreadsheet that solved Sudokus. 481 more words


I Love Books: Sudoku

 I play Sudoku puzzles every morning on my Nintendo DS. I love Sudoku puzzles!

I’ve read they’re good for the brain, too—I know I can always feel my brain working while doing even an easy puzzle! 46 more words



You can find books full of Sudoku puzzles everywhere – probably even in your grocery store checkout lane. Most newspapers publish them as well. The basic Sudoku puzzle is a 9 x 9 grid (it contains nine rows and nine columns) and is divided into nine 3 x 3 grids or boxes. 56 more words