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ToS Stage 7

The Rookie is Stage 7 of the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015.

After a week of riding I can feel the fatigue building in my legs. 58 more words


Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Seven (And a Super Century Reminder)

Robby and I did Stage 7 together today. It was The Sufferfest’s “The Rookie” where we had to go through three race simulations as Robby and I had tried (and succeeded of course) to make a pro team.  392 more words


Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Six

Quick update today. Read about the other Stages by going to the first one and proceeding from there if you want.

After yesterday’s wreck (yes, I wrecked my bike on the trainer… Lot’s of people do it!), I had to pick up my bike from the shop with a new spoke and trued wheel so I could squeeze the… 219 more words


ToS Stage 6

Local Hero, mon Dieu! Stage 6 of the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015

I’ve attempted this video a couple of times before on a Wattbike. Both attempts ended in failure after about 40 minutes, so it was with a sense of foreboding that I started today’s workout. 335 more words


Sufferfest: Indoor made REAL?

I love cycling. I learned how to love cycling. It was not until my second time training for an Ironman that I began to really love my bike. 252 more words


ToS Stage 5

Ah Angels. The fifth stage of the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015.

This was the first Sufferfest video I ever did. I used to do this workout regularly on the Wattbike at my old gym.  272 more words


Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Five (The One with the Wreck)

I donated not only “Holy Water” to Stage Five of the Tour of Sufferlandria, but some blood as well. But we’ll get to that in a minute. 729 more words