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Northern Patagonian Ice Cap Traverse: Journal Excerpts


We were all going crazy sitting around and were sick of hearing other people’s tall tales of the Ice Cap. It’s time to see how we stack up. 1,213 more words

Mountain Training School

The Endorsement: The Elements of Style

You may know that I’m a proud Knight of Sufferlandria, and thereby a huge fan of The Sufferfest videos for indoor training.Today marks the release of a totally different but totally awesome video, … 183 more words


Chasing Honour, Glory and Knighthood in the Pain Cave

Sydney has been pretty miserable this week weather-wise, with the first period of extended heavy rain this winter cancelling scheduled road rides, washing out all the trails, dampening the spirits of commuters and leading to the cancellation of the National Cyclocross Series, of which I was meant to participate in. 1,442 more words


List of Awesome Things - August Edition

I am a lover and a bit of a collector of awesome things. One of the best things about cycling and it’s many disciplines is the vast availability of a whole lot of unique, creative, functional and just downright, “ 733 more words

Cool Stuff

So, I got my bell rung

I wanted to make this post 50% about what happened and 50% educational, but the fuzziness/heaviness in my brain will keep me from doing advanced thinking today. 430 more words


Week 29: Recovery, Le Tour, and My Jams

After Death Ride last weekend my legs were a little… well, dead. I could see it in my watts at M2, and could feel it during my runs. 967 more words