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Light within !

” During the times of sorrow, loneliness and darkness; when your world is ripped apart by the swords of despair and pain, I wish that you could see the dazzling light of your being and watch how it lights up the entire universe.”



Love woke me up !

Just before dawn, Love entered my room and woke me up from slumber.

Her long soft hair tickled my cheeks as she whispered in my ear. 230 more words


Last night I experienced true love…

This love was so amazingly beautiful…there was a eruption of feelings within me, which I cannot explain in words….I felt like smiling, crying, dancing, being ecstatic etc etc…all at the same time.. 104 more words



“ When TRUTH revealed itself to me, I failed to describe it in words. How can one describe something that is beyond description?

Truth is not a thing, yet it is present in everything. 150 more words


The Sacred

To perceive sacredness in this marvellous earth, you need to have the eyes that can see the sacred. Your eyes can see the sacred only when your mind is empty, free from thoughts. 141 more words


Back to life

 I do not seek for anything O BELOVED, I have come to a halt. What is to seek when I am a part of You ? 135 more words