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Better Late than Never (Episode 1)

It was Dusk time, All the birds were returning to their nests in caravans. In the chirping of birds was a soothing scene. Bhoola was also returning with his livestock from a hill that he gazed at the returning birds and got lost in them. 697 more words

An A - Z of the Life of the Beloved Prophet to Celebrate Rabbi ul Awwal

Peace be upon you dear readers,
I hope you’ve had a blessed and productive weekend insha’Allah, God willing.
This blog was started a couple of years ago but I didn’t start writing straight away. 226 more words
Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu Alaihi Wa Salam)

The month of the Prophet

Although I’m not one to take part in, or consider such celebrations as a religious obligation. I find myself caught between feelings of Joy at his arrival, and feelings of distress at the dire state of the Muslim world today. 306 more words


Whats happening in the World !

Dear All, it is impossible to be quiet after seeing whats happening in the World, especially with those so called muslims, the root of the problem is ignorance. 131 more words



Numbers has “numb” in it

Big has an “I” in it

Small has us “all” in it

Appearances are deceptive sometimes

Merry Christmas

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The passion of work as sketches

Here are a few explorations where the passion and love of what we do is depicted.

Notes To Myself