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Kabir sees beyond the illusion of the separation....

The One Lord is within both Hindu and Muslim;

Kabeer proclaims this out loud. 

Kabir ji

Sri Guru Granth Sahib

know every night as Night of Power...

Know every night as the Night of Power, every event as a blessing, and everyone as prophet Khidr-Elijah(as). - Rumi -

nobody is born wicked....

Man’s contact with the outer world is such that there is a continual mechanical interchange going on; every moment of his life he is partaking of all that his senses allow him to receive. 225 more words

Day 9 - Dance, Know, Burst

People Of The Way Of The Heart

People of the way

of the heart dance to the song

the soul sings that show

the rhythmic flow that life… 77 more words