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nobody is born wicked....

Man’s contact with the outer world is such that there is a continual mechanical interchange going on; every moment of his life he is partaking of all that his senses allow him to receive. 225 more words

Day 9 - Dance, Know, Burst

People Of The Way Of The Heart

People of the way

of the heart dance to the song

the soul sings that show

the rhythmic flow that life… 77 more words

Since the rose springs from the thorn...

“Since the rose springs from the thorn, and the thorn from the rose,

why are both of them at war?

Or is it really not war? 41 more words


Stone Hearts by Sa'di

“Woe to that heart 

who cannot sense 
the beauty in music!

Never waste your time 
discussing love’s ways 
with a stone heart.

Strangers to love  15 more words


many meanings...

“The man who claims that the Koran has no meaning except that which the exoteric exegesis has transmitted is acknowledging his own limitation. He is right in his acknowledgment, but is wrong in his judgment that puts all people on the level to which he is limited and bound.

335 more words

the four natures of Quran....

“In a discourse on the nature of the Quran, Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq said,

“The Book of Allah is of four natures: al-’ibarah, that is to say, the text, that is for the common people; al-Ishara, i.e. 330 more words