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Humanism and Religion

It is possible to be both religious and a humanist. For me, humanism means attributing weight and importance to the individual human experience. Historically, some religious practioners have neglected the individual experience of themselves and others, preferring to prioritise the literal religious doctrine in all circumstances. 348 more words


Hazrat Inayat Khan on going with the will of God....

Gayan-012, Alapa-12 Whichever path you choose, the right or the wrong, know that there is at the back always a powerful hand to help you along it. 231 more words


Love is...

Love is the religion;

the Universe is the Book.


The Ocean...

The Opening (fath) is the sudden opening of Divine Reality and thus the end of illusion.  It is like a snow ball thrown into the ocean, the snowball symbolising the nafs or ego and the ocean being Divine Reality. 151 more words