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Ancient Christian and Sufi chants from the churches and halls of Aleppo pre-war.

Link from NPR.

Before War, A Punk Drummer Preserved Syrian Chants

“As Hamacher tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, he is planning a series of albums called Sacred Voices of Syria. 84 more words


Advice To Those Who Hold The Salafi Creed But Speak Badly Of Salafi Scholars - Shaykh Albaani

Shaykh Albaani said, “From what I myself hear directly and from those things I hear through others…it appears to me that those who speak against the scholars and charge them with flattering taaghuts (evil leaders and make other negative aspersions against these scholars), (it appears to me that) these people who accuse the scholars of the present day are, without doubt, from the youth (mostly but not exclusively). 207 more words


the words you speak...

“The words you speak become the house you live in.”

- Hafez


One Light

Not Muslim, not Christian,

not Hindu, not Sikh, not Pagan,

not man, not woman,

not American, not Arab,

not black, not white,

not believer or unbeliever, 10 more words



I sometimes employ

the feminine pronoun

when addressing


keeping in view

The Essence


-Ibn al-Arabi

(d. 1240)




Kabir sees beyond the illusion of the separation....

The One Lord is within both Hindu and Muslim;

Kabeer proclaims this out loud. 

Kabir ji

Sri Guru Granth Sahib