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Daddy's Gonna Die

I’m not very good at making friends, but I’m good at getting what I want.

Today, I spent the afternoon crooning an old nerdy “stalker” of mine into driving me about the lovely upper class slums of Las Vegas. 707 more words


Feeling alone.. ironically

Everything is going my way right now. Everything. I’ve got my escort career started, I have sugar daddies, I have a business, I have my freedom, I have more time for my daughter, more time for the gym… 132 more words


lazy Sunday morning thoughts... my bed is annoyingly empty

Where to even start. Since my bed is still warm from¬†The Engineer..¬†I guess we’ll start there. I went to dinner with him and his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend of five years. 1,017 more words

Just a random thought

I’m sitting here with my feet soaking and a towel wrapped around my hair, staring at the bathtub wall… Coughing occasionally.
I still have to pack for the weekend..and K is saying he’s excited to see me and go out for coconut shrimp. 147 more words

When business and pleasure go wrong

If you have been following along you’d know I’ve been sleeping with the escort who is setting up my escort career and will be my agent. 543 more words



Ever the girl to put things in action and attempt to have a backup plan… I’m flying down to see K on Friday.
I love him. 372 more words

A successful sugar date!

I met up with my potential sugar daddy last night, we’ll call him Mr. Agent. OIiginally we had agreed to meet in the Ivy for a few drinks and if our discussion regarding the arrangement went well and we were both comfortable we’d progress to a five star hotel. 1,021 more words