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Sugar Baby: Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment


“I really don’t have to do shit for you.” I spit.

“So be it.” She hung the phone up. I wanted to call her back… But was it worth it? 2,960 more words


Three POT dates and a sense of rationality

I can understand that most people think I’m exceptionally crazy and highly emotional. I’ll admit I’m most definitely crazy but as for emotion I do experience dramatic bouts of it…. 534 more words


updates, updates

It’s been a crazy week so I haven’t had time to update, but here I am! Since I’ve been gone the two major events of interest have been a sugar date with  1,012 more words

Back in the saddle, my droogies

Did you miss your Sugar Daddy, my droogs? Sorry, but I had to take a break from dating, and I didn’t want this to be non-stop bitching about the house I was building. 386 more words

Sugar Daddy

POTS.... help needed!

I’m meeting quite a few Pots this week and I really want to separate my escort self from my sugar self.

Hit me with your best tips ladies… and men!! 13 more words

Sugar Dating

#TheExperience Why You Need to Reclaim the 'Sugar Daddy'

The phrase “Let’s talk about money” may well be more provoking than “Let’s talk about sex.”

In 2013, The Huffington Post surveyed women on the biggest issues in their marriages, and guess what topped the list? 503 more words

Kym Sellers

Does asking for a higher allowance automatically = goodbye?

After watching the CNN special this morning… I got a surge of confidence that I hadn’t felt in a while, as well as a certain kind of clarity. 728 more words