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Ever the girl to put things in action and attempt to have a backup plan… I’m flying down to see K on Friday.
I love him. 372 more words

A successful sugar date!

I met up with my potential sugar daddy last night, we’ll call him Mr. Agent. OIiginally we had agreed to meet in the Ivy for a few drinks and if our discussion regarding the arrangement went well and we were both comfortable we’d progress to a five star hotel. 1,021 more words


to negotiate, to walk or to keep quiet..

So A just cancelled our date tonight. Again. I’ve decided I need to take some action. Right from the very beginning I knew I wanted to find an arrangement that was consistent above all. 446 more words

dinner with D

So I managed to escape the public toilet and made my way over to meet D fifteen minutes after we had originally planned. As I walked up the stairs outside of the beautiful Victorian style building that housed our first destination I could see him looking me up and down lustfully, sizing me up in my pencil skirt, peplum top, blazer and stilettos. 1,008 more words

Somewhere between princess and law student

Haven’t heard from NY pot for a few days and it makes me nervous. I thought things were fine and all the signs were there that he would want to continue seeing me. 144 more words

late SDs..

I’m currently sitting in a public toilet waiting on a pot date. I decided to get the train into the city so went with flats for the train and scoped out the first toilet I found to quickly touch up my make up and slip on my heels. 87 more words


Earlier this month I told Mr. Computers of a gadget I have been dying to purchase. He said he would give me the money to buy it and asked me the cost. 161 more words