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The Back Up plan

Iv been reading some blogs lately and talking to a few escorts and it has me wondering, how much do they actually work??

Iv been hearing things from my agent about girls who are available 24/7 who work 7 days a week and why can’t I be as flexible? 276 more words


Come on, sugar!

I’m not doing too well on the sugar front lately. A and I had a date planned for tomorrow night but he just cancelled on me (motherfucker!). 598 more words

Eddie Out With His Glorified, Longtime Coffee Holder / Girlfriend

We’re just kidding, Paige! Let’s face it, millions of hot chicks around the globe would love to in your position (including the long list of other positions that Eddie enjoys), so it’s nice to see that you’re still hanging in there. 97 more words


And then there were... 7?! *Update*

First off… I just want to thank God and the universe for what has happened in the last 48 hours and I realllyyyyy hope several of these guys work out. 473 more words

Ashley Madison

So, after discussing a few things with one of my best girlfriends who knows I’m an *aspiring* sugar baby (because let’s be real, I obviously still haven’t gotten it right) – she suggested I try another site. 85 more words

On the Frankston line

If you remember my post “Bald AND short men aren’t my type”, I’m on the train to see the POT right now for our second date. 74 more words

Sugar Baby

Little Thank You's #AdvicePlease

I do like to say thank you and show how much I appreciate it when Atty continuously follows through with his allowance. Sometimes, I feel like I want to do more than just say thank you or do a great job with a BJ. 15 more words